culprit of my iOS11 woes: tinder


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Sep 13, 2014
Since I’ve downloaded iOS11, my iPhone 7+ has been very laggy, freezing up multiple times a day (sometimes within minutes) to the point of having to reset the iPhone. I went as far as clean restoring my iPhone and setting up as brand new and the freezing problem was still there. However, yesterday it clicked..

Tinder, for whatever reason, is the sole app that causes the crashing/glitching/freezing. When I use it, not many problems but it’s when I leave it open in the background and load another app up when the phone freezes completely to the point I need to reset. Since I’ve been closing the app after I use it, the phone hasn’t crashed once. Since I’ve discovered this and purposely left it open, it’s crashed multiple times

I hope this isn’t old news and some of you find this to be causing you problems also!
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