curiosity: parliamentary enquiry about Austrian chancellor using unlocked iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cyberwolf777, Mar 22, 2008.

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    May 21, 2006
    Just wanted to share this with you since it is, in my opinion at least, really hilarious:

    The Austrian right-wing populist party BZÖ made a parliamentary inquiry about the country's social democratic chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer's iPhone. According to the BZÖ, Gusenbauer was seen during a EU Council meeting on March 13 making calls on his iPhone - days before it was officially released in Austria.
    The BZÖ argues that either Gusenbauer bought the iPhone two months ago during his stay in New York and unlocked it illegally or received it ahead of its release as a gift from t-mobile.
    The BZÖ now demands to know if he indeed got favorably treated by t-mobile or if he unlocked his iPhone illegally. The question, if tax money was used for the purchase of his iphone was also stipulated in the inquiry.

    Gusenbauer's office replied immediately that the phone is for private use only and was a birthday present (his birthday is Feb 8) and also stated that it could be very well possible to use a foreign, not illegally unlocked iPhone in Austria through roaming. By law, Gusenbauer has 6 weeks to respond. However, as it is apparently a private matter and does not fall under issues regarding his work as part of the political executive, he is not obliged to answer the questions raised by the BZÖ in the inquiry.

    For German-speakers:
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    These a great news for apple. one week after introduction of the iphone in Austria and they wont have to make any tv-spots anymore because now even people who don't use cell phones will know what an iphone is.

    apple should give him a legally unlocked for free
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    Yet another reason why politics are so messed up in the world today.

    Not "how can we do more for our citizens without raising taxes" or "what social programs in our contry need an overhaul", but "is the chancellor using a legit iPhone"...

    This is something I would have expected to see out of the US, but not EU.

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