Current Slashdot poll.

Stratus Fear

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Jan 21, 2008
Atlanta, GA
Take a look at the current Slashdot poll. Seems a credible chunk of the tech industry doesn't like you guys. Truth be told, I hate uninformed Apple fanboys too (which is why I don't post here much anymore).
Slashdot is a "credible chunk of the tech industry?" I like reading Slashdot for some news as much as most do, but Slashdot as a forum gets joked about by many for a reason.

Fanboys of any persuasion are usually a bad thing, but I wouldn't take Slashdot's opinion as gospel.


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Aug 5, 2004
Catskill Mountains
Sheeeeeeet, mon... i read slashdot for comic relief, usually right after i read the front pages of the International Herald Tribune, the BBC and Le Monde, in approximately that order. After slashdot then I read at least the Comms part of ElReg to get my head on straight again, and after that for some downhome-style newschew i just go to the Houston Chronicle.

Among other things I figure I'll find out from the Houston Chron first: when we've just turned the last barrel of oil into a bobblehead doll, whether a new president has been inaugurated and the former one is back in Tejas, and whether we still have enough brains on board to maintain a space program.

Well i'm on a 56k dialup line now thanks to the 5GB cap proposal by Frontier who used to sell me "unlimited" DSL, so I'd love to linger but I have to wander over to slashdot and see how insulted I feel.. see ya later...