Custom alert Tones in Messages


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Jan 20, 2020
Hey guys, ever since Yosemite there was a method I used to install custom ringtone alerts for Messages, which you can find here:

The essential steps are:

1. Disable System Integrity Protection via terminal after rebooting into recovery mode
2. Go to the appropriate system folder and dump your custom alert tones there
3. Make a copy of the plist file that messages uses to list the available tones for you to use in the app and add your custom tones on that file, then dump said file back into that system folder

Unfortunately, that doesn't work anymore in this version of MacOS and I've spent too many hours trying to figure out what shenanigans apple did with the OS this time around that's preventing this tried-and-true method from working so I can add/modify files in these system folders so I can have a consistent ringtone experience between both my Mac and iOS devices.

Hilariously enough, the mackintosh guys figured out how to work around these new changes, but you can't just apply their techniques to an actual Mac. But what I found from them is that Apple did something with the file system where they isolated all of the system files to a different location on the drive, and there's terminal commands you need to use in order to "mount" them properly so you can modify these files directly like you could in previous versions of MacOS. One useful link is right here for more information:

Except what they suggested in the above link still doesn't work, and now I'm stuck, and I kind of want to punch a wall at this point. Anyone here able to help point me in the right direction on how to figure this one out?
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