Day 3: "to go where no PC has gone before"


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Jan 4, 2002

Could the PC begin to interact with Mac software, either via Digital Appliance apps or will OSX come to the PC with strict hardware requirements?


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Jan 3, 2002
Possible interpretation of the riddle . . .

What if the iWalk / iNewton is a pen based, airport equiped super_digital assistant that wirelessly can control any Airport-based Mac within range? No need to port software to some scaled-down, OS X Lite (talk about frustrating the developers!); apps would be run in native mode, from the host computer when connected to Airport. Apps for the iNewt whenever it's a standalone, out-of-basestation range PDA would include MP3 playback (though it would compete with the iPod in this area), Quicktime content (flash, Mpeg4, MooV, etc.), Notepad and other regular_PDA-ish functions.

Any thoughts? it would almost act as a pen-based remote control (such as Timbuktu) for desk-based systems. I'm not sure the advantage this would have over a laptop (portability, obviously), but this is definitely where no PC has gone before.

Comments and logic are welcomed . . .


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Nov 25, 2001
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well, i don't want to read too much into this but if you interpret the teasers as some sort of clues as to what will be presented during MWSF, i think we'll see a system update (maybe 10.2) that runs windows emulation in the background so that you can run PC apps AND/OR mac os x for the PC w/either enough limitations to encourage users to buy mac hardware or very strict hardware requirements. it can be done.

greg godwin

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Jan 2, 2002
Originally posted by Vikram
Here is why Steve Jobs moved his keynote and what he is going to announce. Eat your heart out, Bill.

DURING HIS KEYNOTE at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, Microsoft's Bill Gates will demonstrate the AirPanel 150, a flat-panel wireless monitor from Viewsonic that allows users to carry it from room to room.
Welcome the the new iMac.


Are you ready!

Here is what I think will be revealed on January 7th.

1 Screens: 10 -17 - 19 - 22 - 24. Regular and Touch Sensitive. Firewire, USB, Gigawire and Airport bulit-in. SuperDrive.

2 iPod size modules will plug into these screens. CPU Modules will come with G4/G5 and dual processors, with 512 - 2 GB memory and 10 - 40 GB HD.

Much like Chinese cooking, you can mix and match.

I can also take only myCPU module (in my pocket) and use any screen to show and/or do my work. As example, between my home and my studio I can commute with only the CPU. Also by carrying a 10" screen and my CPU plugged in I have a complete solution in my pocket.

Come on Steve, take the floor.