Day Made of Glass (Cool Corningware promo vid)

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by esaleris, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Reminds me of people predicting flying cars in the year 2010. Hilarious when the guy sets the phone down and the kids drag the video screen over to them. Now the glass is one big camera. That could be scary.

    I can also see a vast run on Windex.
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    Actually, most of the design elements looked very Microsoft.

    Many of the UI colors, shapes and controls looked like the ones in MS's Future Vision 2019.

    The tabletop interfaces, especially when a phone was laid down, took a lot of cues from the MS Surface.
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    I'm sure there is a thread about this, but anyway, I love one of the comments on youtube "What about poor people?" :D
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    It is a very cool concept. MS or Apple, it would be neat to see some of that happen one day.
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    the real kicker is most of those things displayed in that video we have the technology to do most of it today. Just the cost for a lot of it are astronomical and clearly not going to happen any time soon.
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    There is some cool technology/dreaming being shown there..... but, I am Not going to use any technology to check my work schedule while I'm brushing my teeth. My work day does not start until I'm done with my morning, um, ablutions - I don't care how important the meeting or cool the technology.

    I like the idea of putting your smart phone down to activate the table top displays. It bypasses the insecurity of having a room full of people watch you type your credentials. It also defines the initial area of display. If the default setting (perhaps set in the phone?) is, for eg, that the phone defines the top right corner then both the table top display know what the other wants.

    I wouldn't want to read a book on something with the weight of a few sheets of paper. Too shaky (hand-shake). A book's weight uses inertia to absorb these very minor tremors. They may be minor, but they are fatiguing if you are trying to hold a page up for extended reading.
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    I have just seen the future lol
    I don't like it. xD I mean, too much for me to handle right now. :eek:

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