Dear Apple, please fix Siri


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Jul 12, 2008
I would like an improved Mesh/Platform Siri:

Nowadays we have one Siri on mobile devices, one on HomePod, one on the AppleTV and one on the Mac, and they all have different abilitys. I want one Siri that has all of the abilitys.

If i start a podcast on my phone and then pause and want to pick up from there later on from my HomePod, Siri on my HomePod does not know which show i listened to and how far i got on the episode. Sorry, but this is just annoying.

If Siri needs a display for something i ask on the HomePod, stop replying with: „I can‘t do that“ (Siri can do it if asked on the iPhone) Politely ask me if it‘s ok to redirect the answer to the screen of my question to my iPhone/iPad/AppleTV.

Siri can profile/identify my voice on my phone with „Hey Siri“ command. I want Siri to identify me on the HomePod through voice for private messages & music history. Nowadays you can only turn it off / or on for everybody to listen to your text messages or mess up your music listening history with kids songs.

Find & use computing resources on the same network (Anybody still knows xGrid?), if my new iPad has to index/curate new photos why not ask my Mac that is in sleep mode (and has the same photos) to give a hand with this processor intensive task? Probably even give out the work to AppleTV or HomePod (charging iPads/iPhones) if nobody is using it.

More local Siri e.g. Voice recognition on device, Google is capable of it, so please Team
go for it. Computational tasks on local network (not Apples Servers) if possible (see above). Maybe keep a local copy of e.g. Wikipedia/Quora/whatever in text form if desired on home network (works even when network is down & more privacy).

Ok, what is your take on the matter?
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Aug 18, 2009
Upstate NY
Siri on HomePod SUCKS for sure. My son wanted me to buy an echo so he could listen ask Siri to play something not already on his phone. I told him no, but it's ridiculous that they haven't opened it up more.