Death of a Nation

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by OldCorpse, Apr 9, 2007.

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    I was surprised that he didn't cover the environmental crisis that is causing so many deaths.

    While the population in Russia is declining at an alarming rate, Europe is facing the same problem. Will hordes of impoverished Africans and Asians storm the gates?
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    If I'm correct also, its a problem in Japan. In fact it's a global trend and I believe that it is a result of the standard in living we 'westerners' live in. No need so many children.
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    Don't tell they US conservatives that. They'll have your head.. its because of the "gays".

    Never mind that Gay marriage is not legal in Norway, Sweden or Denmark - but what's a little fib here and there. Or that the state with the lowest divorce rate is also the only state that has legalized gay marriage.

    I think its a combination of things that is contributing to the declining population. Gay marriage is not one of them :) Try economics, expanded personal freedoms and the rise of birth control. Im also not convinced that a declining population has to be viewed as a bad thing.
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    This is not even remotely the same thing that is happening in Japan and Europe.

    Japan has a positive growth rate of population, 0.02%

    Europe (the EU) has a positive growth rate of 0.15%

    Russia's population growth rate is -0.37%.

    This is happening despite Russia's high immigration rate. Japan and the EU face nothing like Russia's problems with HIV/AIDS, XDR and MDR TB, alcoholism, etc., contributing to Russia's extremely low life expectancy. Life expectancy in Europe:

    total population: 78.3 years
    male: 75.1 years
    female: 81.6 years (2006 est.)


    total population: 81.25 years
    male: 77.96 years
    female: 84.7 years (2006 est.)


    total population: 67.08 years
    male: 60.45 years
    female: 74.1 years (2006 est.)
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    Off and on for the last forty years or so, I've run across commentaries relating birth rates and economics. Any group in any country that becomes wealthier starts having fewer children. In general, poor folks have more kids than rich folks.

    While white America is making fewer babies than black America, within the black group those who are better off are themselves having smaller families than poorer blacks. The same holds for Latins...

    Japan has long had an "advertising program" aimed at keeping population growth to near zero, just because of the small amount of land that's comfortable for living space.

    What happens is that medical advances keep us Old Pharts around longer, and the number of young folks entering the work force is smaller. Ergo, immigration of younger people from other countries.

    The amount of immigrants that is needed is a function in part of the amount of welfare, and in part on the amount of services needed for Old Pharts. And the lower strata are desired: IT types aren't gonna do yardwork, haul garbage or work in nursing homes.

    Back to Russia: Despair and hopelessness seems to be part of their equation. I say this as a halfway question, because I've seen news reports about "Ivan in the street" without really knowing the validity of the poll.


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