Death of a road warrior - my early 2008 17" MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by elgrecomac, May 20, 2014.

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    A lot of companies talk quality and customer service while others practice it. Apple falls into to latter category.

    After 6 years of extremely heavy use, my early 17" 2008 MBP died on Saturday. The mother/logic board failed. Full disclosure: the motherboard was replaced by Apple about 3 years ago, and I went to an unsupported 6GB configuration plus I swapped out the hard drive for a 500 GB unit 3 years ago as well. But the machine spent most of its life on and running on my desktop or at my client sites.

    This machine was running VMware Fusion all the time (because ms Project and ms Visio, two de facto standard biz apps, aren't available for OSX) so the computer was always running 165-175 deg hot. But it just kept running.

    After I realized the motherboard died, rather than swapping it out with another used one, I bit the bullet and ordered a new, 13" rMBP with 16GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD which will arrive on Friday from China.

    Yes, Apple hardware is expensive but if the life of a heavily used laptop is, effectively, 6 years, well, it really isn't that expensive after all . And Apple customer service stood by this machine when the motherboard died in 2011 due to an issue with the Invidia GPU.

    I plan wipe the hard drive clean and then sell the computer 'as is' on eBay.

    Bravo, Apple.
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    I'll say a little prayer for it tonight :)

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    I had my MacBook "Santa Rosa" Core 2 Duo model (same as in signature) die on me last summer, right before my annual summer vacation trip.. OP, I feel your pain. It was a 2007 model and it served me well for almost 6 years with moderate to heavy use. It gradually died, but when it really and fully died I was heartbroken... :( I shall also say a little prayer for your 2008 17" MBP.
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    Let us know how you adapt to the 13" screen size. There is always people questioning if they should get a 13" or 15" and your coming from a 17".

    I imagine you will be impressed with the speed of you new MBP!

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