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Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Gee, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Gee macrumors 65816

    Feb 27, 2004
    London, UK
    Err. Hi there. I just bought my parents an eMac (loads of Brownie points), and they are looking to get a nice new USB printer to go with it. Something around the £80-£100 mark (that's kinda around US$150) would suit them - nothing too flash, but something that does reasonably quick b/w and can print photos on that glossy photo paper you can buy.

    Anybody any thoughts?

  2. kidA macrumors regular

    Jul 22, 2002
    in that price range, pretty much any printer you can find will be fine. you can even go down to $100 USD and get something that's probably more than what they need. for $150 USD, hp makes some nice all in ones.
    i like hp printers myself. i've had my current one (deskjet 932) for over 3 years and have never had trouble with it. it prints b&w pretty fast and prints photos on photo paper very nicely. and it cost me $150 three years ago. and prices have only come down.
  3. Dont Hurt Me macrumors 603

    Dont Hurt Me

    Dec 21, 2002
    Yahooville S.C.
    Printers have come a long ways and are dirt cheap. Make sure you pay attention to the cartrideges thats where they get you. I bought a hp 3320 for my business a while ago and it does all that i need though i will admit i have not printed on glossy but the wife takes photos to work all the time to show this or that on standard paper and they still look good. I use the printer for bills and mailing etc.
  4. jbeetz macrumors member

    Jan 8, 2004
    I just bought a Canon i560 ($150US) and it is "mahvahlous". Prints superb photos, fast black and white. Three ink tanks. Nicer than the Epson, and I shy from HP due to bad blood from the Compaq takeover. Nothing rational!
  5. Angelus macrumors 6502

    Apr 19, 2002
    New Zealand
    My mum has the hp5150 and is very pleased with it. Its a good all rounder
  6. Apmonia macrumors regular

    Jul 29, 2003
    My vote goes for the Hewlett Packard 5150. It is $89.99 USD retail. Very nice printer for the money and you can even use an optional photo ink cartridge.

  7. titaniumducky macrumors 6502a


    Nov 22, 2003
    Canon's are really good. They print well, but the ink is the best part. A lot of them have three or four ink tanks (each color and black separate). When added up with the fact that the tanks are cheaper than most tanks, that saves you money - you only have to replace the color you need.

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