deciding wheather or not to renew tivo with lifetime service... Input appeciated

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by vwDavid, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Hi Friends,

    I am trying to decide whether to renew my 3 year Tivo service contract or not. They are offering a lifetime service upgrade for the price of a 3 year subscription since I finished my first three year subscription.

    TV technology and getting TV content is changing fast. However, there are several reason that might make my tivo still the best for me. I will list these below and I am interested in your feedback.

    - #1 reason, being in Canada we are stuck with old tech
    - no HD tivo, no cable card
    - no ability to use Digital TV with a dual tuner Tivo
    - I have little interest in HDTV because of limited content, and the fact that
    - we have grown so accustom to not watching commercials, and watcing our shows when we want.
    - I recently added a mac mini HTPC we are slowly starting to use more, but its getting harder and hard to torrent content. We use it for ripped content, old content, and itunes rental content.

    Given this it seems it might not be a bad idea to renew or $300 with a lifetime subs, however tech changes fast and I wanted to hear the forums opinion- particularly those that have or have had Tivo in the past.

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