Decisions...Apple Powerbook or VPR Matrix

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Ok, ok, sorry edvinow, I'm not exactly bitching about how macs are slow. And in advance...

*ducks the flames*

Anyway, now there is a PC laptop similar to the powerbook, with DDR and running a 2.0 GHz P-IV-M...should I buy the PC and wait until the powerbooks come with a new processor(i.e. G5, Power4 lite...)?

The fact is, I'm only going to use the computer to run complex code that I'm going to use to simulate complex models, and also to reduce data, and I really don't know how to take advantage of altivec. So I'm a thinking that maybe a 2.0 GHz is better now for this, and maybe later when apple releases a 64-bit chip in the powerbook, then I'll buy it.

Any thoughts? Does the gigaflop thing apply in my situation? I can live with XP for a bit longer (i've never had that many crashes with it unless I seriously overheat my laptop).

I'm not advertising PCs...I just want to make a sound decision. I'll buy the laptop in January...if Apple releases a powerbook with Radeon 9000 and DDR, I'll be tempted...anyway, I know I'll get biased answers here, so I want your honest opinion.



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eek! stay away from VPRs...the hardware in them will do nothing but blow up! i've seen a ton of them being fixed, replaced, or thrown research on how long ALL the parts will last you

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Original poster that C|Net published that article, other threads a popping up. I was the first to notice this a couple of days ago;)

Anyway, I'm thinking I might stick with the mac if the specs are good enough after the next update, may it be nov. 5 or jan 7. :) I really need input on this, since spending two to three grand makes me well...uneasy.:(
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