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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by Jeromino, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. Jeromino macrumors newbie

    Dec 18, 2002
    (Growing long as I type, apologies in advance.. I'm a writer-type.)

    Hi folks,

    College student (who just got home for winter break :) ) and is facing the ever-pressing dilemma of how to supplement my computing collection this holiday season.

    Essentially, understanding the nature of my interests, my parents look to me, ask me what I'm in need of or want, and we come to some type of financial deal that typically involves mutual spending for a product I otherwise couldn't or wouldn't afford. Here's the current lineup...

    1.00ghz AMD Athlon
    128 MB's RAM
    80 GB Hard Drive
    CD/RW & DVD Drives
    19" Monitor & HP 1220c Professional Printer
    Windows ME
    *Basically I use it for surfing and anything requiring a PC. It's still snappy and I don't have a pressing desire to replace it anytime soon.

    800mhz G4 15" iMac with Superdrive. Ram Bumped to 512.
    Equipped with Final Cut Pro 3 and the Adobe Publishing Collection.
    *I Use this machine mainly for video editing and any other A/V work I need to do. It's rendering a short personal movie into widescreen 16:9 a couple of feet away from me as we speak.

    HP Pavilion 600mhz PIII
    64 MB's RAM
    7 GB Hard Drive
    Windows ME
    *I Use the laptop in various outlets around the home and occasionally in public if absolutely necessary. I do a lot of important work on the machine and don't like to transport it too much because of that. It absorbs the gruntwork of my computing, but nothing ever too high-end.

    Being the nerd that I am (fear not, it's a good thing), I'm currently designing a studio that I'll hopefully be able to put together for the summertime. That studio would involve moving the iMac into it, purchasing a new PC (midrange-fast) and buying a Dual 1 ghz PowerMac with 22" Cinema display to do my heavy production work on. The trouble is, we're too far away from realizing that to purchase a component that I could find a current home for or that could help me in the immediate...

    Which has turned me to the Apple Notebook line, among other things, this holiday.

    I love the freedom of a notebook, whether it's in the home or in public. Being a college student (commuter) I'd like to have a notebook with me, but as I said my PC notebook is too valuable in its current function to mobilize daily.

    * The 12" iBook 800mhz Combo Drive is an appealing computer in its portability and design. It would allow me to do basic work (office X, some iMovie, a hint of photoshop) as well as function as an oversized iPod during those breaks in the student Union Lounge. I'm a bit concerned about the screen; I have 20:300 vision (well, before glasses) and while I don't have any trouble looking at it in stores, I wonder if a bigger workload could cause eye strain. Also, how does this computer function under OSX? I'd likely be going 50/50 on this one in terms of spending.

    * The TiBook 867, for a student like me, is the Cadillac of notebook computers. It's more powerful than my iMac (albeit by a slight margin) and would allow me to work anywhere on anything I do on Macs. The main issue is cost. I'd probably be going in about 55/45 or even 60/40, and I'm wondering what you'd all think about such a purchase given what I've said. The one saving grace for the TiBook is that it may save some money in the summertime (for a while, anyways) given its compatibility with the 22" ACD. The other counterpoint is the value of such a computer while moving about a college campus . . . it can be uncomfortable with 2.3 Grand in your briefcase.

    * I'm also open to other items, Apple or not. I appreciate neat technology gadgets and most anything having to do with computers. I'm open to any suggestions that jump out of anyone's head.

    So, advice, commentary, whatever . . . your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. King Cobra macrumors 603

    Mar 2, 2002
    Since you mention Final Cut Pro, I am assuming you are working quite often with video.

    I would suggest going with a Powerbook, since Final Cut Pro will have much better performance on a G4 than a G3.

    As for prices go, check out a few vendors, such as and find out if there is anything there you like.

    For memory upgrades, go to as they have some cheap, but effective, RAM. :cool:
  3. arn macrumors god


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    Apr 9, 2001
  4. jelloshotsrule macrumors G3


    Feb 7, 2002
    i'd go the other way... i'd recommend the ibook. why? well, in the end you're planning to have a laptop, a dual gig mac, the imac, and a new pc.

    are you planning to get rid of the pc laptop if you get an i/tibook? i'll assume yes.

    what this leads to is that if you are going to get the new stuff in the summer, then the main thing you're achieving now is upgrading your laptop. your imac can still function well, though it is a decent amount slower than the tibook would be (bus speed, graphics card mainly). because the imac will continue doing the video stuff without a problem, may as well save money now, and snag the ibook. which from all i've heard, is very snappy with x. the eye thing you'll have to hear from someone else... 20/20 here. ;)

    ahh, i ramble.

    but basically, the ibook replaces the pc laptop, and you maintain the imac's productivity. you don't NEED the power out of the portable (from what you've said), so may as well save the money, and get the best laptop value there is right now in my opinion. the laptops are where apple is hot right now. hopefully by the time you get your powermac, you'll have some great new ones to choose from, or at least to knock the dual gigs down in price...

    sorry for the bumbling.

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