Deep state does exists, and they are...

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    Deep state does exists, and they are the massive entrenched ancient US corporations with deep ties into the US political system, gaming the system and manipulation the short term politicians to do their bidding to insure long term corporate plans insuring gain massive profits at expense of locals.

    It is not new nor surprising, but how enormous the tax breaks are (and how much the citizens have to pay on their behalf) is staggering.

    In Louisiana, are billions of dollars in corporate tax exemptions paying off?

    I find it particularly insulting the contracts allow almost all of their short term workers from other states, and most of the tax savings will eventually go to companies based in other states.

    Local Republican and Democrats are united and mobilizing to counter these tax giveaways.

    Big corporations do not need huge incentives, they can succeed without.

    PS: Note how the Chamber of Commerce did not support a Solar Plant project (but was approved by vote)
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    I have recently started watching the X-Files again. I think that’s where Donald Trump got the idea from.
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    Deep state to me is more like: Strzok-Page, Lynch, Holder, clapper, Hilary, Comey. Corporations are not the problem, it's the politicians who allow them to do it and often profit off of it. The problem is businesses can do it legally. I'm not nessicarilly aginst tax breaks or reducing restrictions. If long term it increases the economy & jobs ect. Like AOC running off Amazon from New York, a big mistake.
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    never mind... ignore

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