Delete "other" data and lens flare.

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    Hi guys,

    2 questions:

    1. I tried to sync a movie over WiFi yesterday. Unfortunately, iTunes 11 crashed. So I was left with 1,5GB of "other" junk. All threads I could find with Google concerning this problem were solved with a complete restore without a back-up. I don't want to do that; it's too cumbersome. I even know what the junk is. I have access to the iPhone system over iDisk. Question: where could iOS 6 have stored the movie leftovers?

    2. I noticed a strange flare on the iPhone 5 camera. When pointed toward a relatively bright blue light, I noticed some blue dots around it (first picture). When I googled, I found that other people have had similar problems with a green dot when pointed toward a bright white light. I assume that I get blue dots because of the different wave length and optic effects.. I also have the "standard" green dot (second picture). Then, I decided to take it to the extreme and pointed a very bright LED flashlight directly at the lens (third picture). The pattern you see above are the single LEDs of the flashlight which would be visible if I told the camera to focus on the flashlight.
    What other discussions couldn't conclusively reveal is whether the phenomena described above are normal or I have to go to the Apple Store.
    Btw: I don't have the purple flare others have complained about.
    I checked with my old iPhone (3G): no flares/reflections whatsoever.

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    I can't comment on the second problem but my advice for the "Other" issue is to plug your iPhone into iTunes and "Sync" it. Let it complete and then reboot your device.

    Hopefully the OS will rebuild your library and delete the file.

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