Deleted photo stream photos still show up in Aperture.

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  1. timotay89 macrumors regular

    Jul 20, 2011
    Title says it all. I take a picture with my iPad, upload picture to where it needs to go in Dropbox. Then I delete the picture from photo stream (and sometimes also from the iPad). Then, a day later, I open Aperture and there's the picture, downloading into aperture from the photo stream.

    How can I stop this? I don't want to sort through aperture to delete the photos I already deleted from the iPad (which is a pain).
  2. Starhawk macrumors regular


    Jul 9, 2008
    From my experience, I think this is what's happening:

    On Aperture, there is a Photo Stream section but Aperture also creates monthly folders for you like "July 2012 Photo Stream". Anything that Aperture's Photo Stream catches, it will add to the appropriate monthly folder.

    If you were to delete a photo from your iPad's Photo Stream (and it was under 30 days old) it would also delete from Aperture's Photo Stream section. This works properly for me.

    The issue you are having, I think, is that even if Aperture is closed, there is a little program running in the background that receives all of your Photo Stream pictures. So even though you are deleting it from the Photo Stream, Aperture's background program has already seen the picture in your Aperture Photo Stream and copied it to your "July 2012 Photo Stream" folder. Then when you delete it, it is removed from the Photo Stream section, but Aperture already copied it to the monthly folder.

    If the picture is not in your actual Photo Stream section, but is in the monthly folder, this is what is happening.

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