Dell smartphone plan fuels concern over margins

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 14, 2009.

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    You don't need to spend a lot of time on this. Simply put, the other carriers need a real iPhone to offer, instead of some knockoff iPhone wannabe that looks like an iPhone but is completely disappointing in both hardware and software. Seriously - does Dell hope to make any kind of wave in the phone arena?
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    Hate to be a pessimist.....but

    See what their needs are? Between Apple, RIM, and Palm, they pretty much have everything covered. Unless Dell can make a phone that can do what the other 3 do ..... on one phone. Umm, I doubt it. It would HAVE to be a "me too" product as the article states. I don't know much about Dell other than they were very successful with their BTO business plan in the mid to late 90's. Have they done anything really innovative as far as hardware goes? You know, a product brought to market that everyone wants?
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    To answer your first question. No they haven't. And since the first is a no, the second one is a no.

    Dell is only a BTO and some standard configuration PCs. Nothing more. Also, it shifted its business model from big beige boxes to black/grey boxes and now with their "studio" lineup to multi-color boxes. Yet, nothing innovative, just same cycle as before.
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    What the carrier's needs ARE, or what the carriers THINK they need? They think need more and more ways to lock customers into higher and higher charges.

    If Dell creates a system on that basis alone, it might not be enough to lead to a consumer success.

    Hopefully someone is looking at what USERS need first, and then getting the carriers to go along.

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