Dell U2515H using native 1440 screen or Dell P2415Q 2160 res scaled to 200%?

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  1. dieselgg, Feb 28, 2016
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    I have the rMB Pro 13" early 2015. Which of the two monitors identified below would provide a sharper and better screen? Which monitor would display smaller or larger text than the other?

    I have viewed individual reviews on youtube, but not a side by side comparison. Reviews have been excellent for both monitors. I will be using mostly for productivity and internet. No gaming and very little picture editing.

    Option 1) Dell U2515H (2560x1440) - from what I read I would be able to use native resolution and not use scaling


    Option 2) Dell P2415Q (3840x2160) - because the text would be too small, I would have to scale it to 200%

  2. loybond macrumors 6502

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    Assuming you'll be running option 2 in scaled mode:

    Option 2 would be sharper, similar to the retina display on your Macbook or iPhone/iPad. It would look prettier for pictures, text would look smoother and sharper, and you can watch 4K videos in native resolution.

    Option 2 would also have larger text, by a fair margin.

    Option 1 would give you more "space." Because of this, option 1 would be better for productivity, unless you run the 4K monitor at 1:1, but that might be strenuous for you.
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    Thanks a lot. This is exactly what I was looking for. Based on the comparison you provided, I am going to go with Option 2. I want the retina resolution on the monitor. I can always adjust the view in Office apps.

    Thanks again Ioybond!

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