Demise of the Clones

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    Apr 12, 2001
    My name is Royce Priem, executive producer of "Send in the Clones" (working title), a film documenting the rise and fall of the clone industry.

    Initially we were going to focus simply on the the industry itself, Apple's direction, the quick starts of the clone companies, and their rather abrupt demise at the hands of Apple.

    As I started asking questions, however, it seems there was quite a bit more to the story than the end of the industry. It appears that CHRP was a major player in their demise, although I'm not completely certain at this point. My difficulty currently revolves around information resources. The moment I start asking questions about CHRP, suddenly my resources dry up.

    What I'm looking for are individuals who worked either in the R&D or board positions of the various cloners, and CHRP systems for review and benchmarking. If you know anyone who worked in those capacities that might be interested in participating I'd be most grateful if you would pass along my email address. Thank you for your time.
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    Jul 9, 2000

    I still use my 1996 185 MHz PowerTowerPro clone from PowerComputing and I like it better than Apple machines made during the same period. The battery on the motherboard had to get replaced after four and a half years...but otherwise, I've had no other repairs on this extremely reliable machine.

    I am glad Apple came out with the iMac which helped save the company (I have an iBook) but I wished the clones were still around. It would raise the dismal 5% market share of computers that run Mac OS.

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