[DEMO VIDEO] Group Email! Mail with attachments, photos, vCards and more


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Jul 10, 2008
Italy, near Venice
Version 1.8 of our app "Group Email! Mail with attachments, photos, vCards and more" is now available on the AppStore.

The app is now localized in French and Spanish, it allows to preview more kinds of attachments, a template can now optionally contain recipients (so if you send the same email to the same recipients the app requires a couple less taps).

Group Email! is universal so it runs on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Complete feature list :
- easy and quick interface
- use address book groups;
- handpick set of contacts from address book
- create distribution lists from address book or manually entering recipients information
- attachments (see below)
- choose the mode (To,Cc, Bcc) for each recipient
- create email text templates
- supports HTML source into templates (HTML editor is NOT included)
- import / export lists from/to CSV documents
- supports iPhone 4 retina display
- runs on the iPhone, iPod and iPad
- supports multitasking on iOS4
- print list (iOS4.2 and supported printer required)
- preview templates, documents and contacts information
- Full VoiceOver support

Supported Attachments :
- Photos and Videos from your device photo library
- In-App Camera Still Shot and Video Shot (requires a device with a camera, videos are supported only on newer devices)
- In-App Audio Clips Recording
- Current Location with Google Map image and reverse geocoded address.
- Map Location (search and drop pin supported) with reverse geocoded address.
-Documents (iOS4 required on the iPhone, iOS3.2 on the iPad)
- Pasteboard content
- Single or Multiple contact information in vCard and/or text format

More on the app here http://www.redbits.com.

Any comment, suggestion or feature request is greatly appreciated.
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Jul 10, 2008
Italy, near Venice
Version 1.9 is now available. It adds direct access for Dropbox without the need to use the Dropbox app.

Group Email! is featured by Apple in the @Work - Collaborating section of the AppStore.
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