Democracy is dying

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    Democracy is dying ​
    1. Background

    Before I start everything, I wanted to share my background. I was born and raised in China for about 18 years and I came to Canada as international student. Obtained my PR status and eventually joint Canadian Citizenship. I have been in Canada long enough (about 14 years) and I have stayed in China long enough to make a comparison. I witnessed the rise of China and saw the inefficiency and weakness of western democracy.

    Recently, China’s congress, the national people’s congress approved the Constitution amendment bill. One of the highlight of this bill is removing term limit of Chinese president. The currently Chinese President Xu Jinping can theorically be the president of China for life. One of the justifications is that by removing term limit, China can implement its policy in long term without worrying about change person who is in change. This create stability for long term policy planning and stability of its own policy.

    2. The Idea of democracy

    Democracy is complete foreign idea to me when I came to Canada. I came to Canada on 2004, where China is still pretty much in its developing stage. Outside world seems attractive to me and countries like Canada and USA are the most advanced country to me.

    The idea of democracy is that government’s power come directly from people. People elect own president/prime ministers by either direct election or indirect election.

    Democracy at one point was considered as the magic pill of solving all social problems. During the period where Soviet Union was thing in the past, most Eastern European countries adapted demoracy, with the idea that demoracy will magically improve their own country. United State is also busying with selling its own version of democracy without really thinking the consequence of changing one’s political system.

    3. Does Demoracy really works?

    I think most people in the west take demoracy as granted. They were being educated as demoracy is only way to a country to achieve fairness and social harmony. Authoritarian nation will eventually fall and people will fight for their freedom to death. We certainly observed multiple instances where old dictators got removed from office and demoracy prevailed. But we also seen more and more instances where people fight for their freedmon, but only to get other dictator in charge (with most recent example of Egpty). We also seen countless of example where countries changed their political system to demoracy but in complete chaos and mess (see example of Iraq). Does demoracy really achieved any good?

    The more I observe, the more I have in doubt about demoracy.

    I often visit political forms and see how people react with certain news. I feel vast majority aren’t really pay attention to the core issue underlying and I feel vast majority of people simply does not care anymore. Lots of people are growing untrust with demoracy and they stop voting. Look at the ever reaching low voting turn out in western countries.

    I often question, for these people who actually vote, do they really know what they are voting for? Do they really have any idea about each candidate and policies they are promoting? The last election cycle is truly disgusting, it makes me wonder what happened to US demoracy and demoracy in general?

    One of the trend we seen in recent year is the extrem popularity of extremism. Many non-traditional canandiates are keep popping up, like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pan. The raise of these ultra conservative, ultra right wing person reflect the trend where people are gorwing in distrust with current political system and people want to change.

    4. Demoracy is not as flexible as people thought of

    One of the thing that people tend to think of is demoracy is flexible and changes can be happen when you vote right person in to the highest office. Where in authoritarian country, there is no one can make change if currently leader is in wrong course.

    But demoracy is not flexible and changes does not come easily. There are just too much conflict in interest, too much lobbying, too much arguing and too much hate between each side. The result of these countless debate, lobbying and hate are the changes and reforms that are necessary are often not happen or delayed. The inefficiency of demoracy is very apparent.

    5. China is authoritarian states, but it is in different kind

    There is no doubt that China is not typical democratic country. It is one of its kind. The Chinese Communist Party is only one allowed in power and there is no election held at all. By no means, China is democratic nation.

    But then why China developed it its current states. I don’t know if any of reader that visit MacRumors have been in China at all. If you don’t, you really should see what China looks like now and make a comparison between China in 10 years ago and China now.

    I have stayed in Canada for past 10 years. Honestly, I cannot see any changes in Canadian city. It is completely in stale. Our infurstructures are behind. May roads and bridges are in bad conditions. City like Toronto cannot even manage to have its own subway system running without issue.

    China is growing at unprecedented speed. 10 years ago, I think China is very behind and US is the most admired nation in the earth. 10 years after, I am think to move back.

    I visited China last November with my wife. I visited cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Cities like Toronto or even New York can’t even compare with Beijing and Shanghai. (Well, at least they can managed more than 16 subway route without hiccups where delay and cancellation is constant norm with TCC.)

    6. New generation is going to compare

    I said lot in this thread. I am deeply worried. I love China and I also love Canada. I used to admire United State of America, thinking it is most advanced nation in the world (still is, but in constant decline). I am worried about if we do not change, China will eventually catch up and leave us behind. China is fearful and we should be.

    People are watching and all developing nations are watching. These countries that in authoritarian regime is also looking. When western demoracy is in constant decline and countreis like China is growing at unprecedented speed. The value of democracy is shrinking.

    Each nation need to figure out their own way of developping and the political system that best suited for them. China give a world example where demoracy is not the necessity for developping and provide good life for its citizen.

    The western democracy need to figure of a way to make system more efficient and bring reform faster.
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    I have spent 25 years in Asia. Know China very very well. There is both good and bad to both sides. This Democracy thing in America and Canada is just an outside picture. You don’t vote for whom you are supposed to or agree with the person in charge and you will not be making it inside the doors. Very few do but when they are found not to be on the same page they get fired. These days you can see Trump firing many people. When I first got to China I used to think China and Taiwan were ages behind America but this is not the case today. Each has their positives and negatives. Depends on what you care for.
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    China’s system has worked well but has turned out to be far more easily subverted by a strongman than democracy.

    Trump is just a symptom of the ignored masses.
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    And that attitude is exactly why Trump got elected.
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    That’s the advantage of a democracy. It (correctly) assumes that all people are corrupt POS and therefore come with enough safeguards to remove them if and when they do cross the line.
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    Yeah because Trump has actually done a good job :rolleyes:.
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    The best, folks.
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    Democracy is simply a knowledge market, the idea being that pooled knowledge of the people of a nation will be better on average than any on person, or small group of people, in determining the course a country takes. The US is decline, somewhat, but not because of democracy, but because of a demographic bubble of old people that are afraid of change, easily goaded into self-serving self-righteous indignation, and who have hoarded the nation's wealth (even if it was inadvertent). However, these people will not last forever, and the US will change for the better within a decade or so. The chaos we're seeing now is simply the last gasp of this conservative older generation trying to maintain control of everything, and we might see the stronger influence of younger folk as early as the 2018 election. At least that's my hope (and I am one of the older generations).

    Interestingly, the PRC (there are two 'China's' ATM) faces the same kind of demographic bubble of older people, so we'll see how robust its political structure is when the older generation dominates the younger ones. FWIW, I think the PRC is quickly becoming an amazing country, I think its current rulers are wiser than those in the UK and US, and everybody I have met from the PRC have been very nice. However, the PRC's blustering about the South China Sea makes it clear that much of the country's leadership is stuck in the embittered past, and they're starting to sound like the PRC's version of MAGA.

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