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May 5, 2008
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06 Nov 2015, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina not a debate, a forum hosted by Rachel Maddow.

Martin O'Malley-
Thumbs up! He's young, articulate and has a good track record. I'd vote for him.
Bernie Sanders- Against Keystone, against Iraq, against reintroducing ground troops into the Middle East, says instead of relying on US troops, the Muslim countries are going to have to roll up their sleeves and defend their religion. The US should not be doing it alone. Against Super Pacs. Against gun show loop hole, mental health must be addressed, against straw man gun sales. If Republicans can't face a free election, go find another job. What is going on is with the Republican Party is anti-American. This country is in desperate need of a political revolution! Millions must vote. He was on fire! Thumbs up, I'd vote for him!
Hillary Clinton- Started career defending children. Wants to be President for everyone. The deck is stacked against average citizens. Against revolving door lobbying. The ecomony is working for a select few groups. In some instances death penalty is warranted. Too many capital crimes. 51% of public school children qualify for subsided lunches. <- Wow. Police officers must be trained to defuse situations non-violently if possible. Diplomacy before war. Focus on anti-discrimination. The far right relied on fear tactics to defeat HERO in Houston. Thumbs up! I'd vote for her!

Informative, productive, civil, most important, all these people were...NORMAL! :D:D:D The GOP was sitting at home banging their chair arms asking "why don't we do that"?!!

Chris Matthews: The Republican's want to pick their voters instead of the voters picking them...
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Apr 7, 2009
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I'm all in on Bernie. Hillary is a corporate shill posing as a progressive. The only way O'Malley has a chance at this point is if Hillary implodes from some unknown scandal that comes to light and it is big enough to end her campaign.


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Jan 20, 2010
You really do not want Martin O'Malley to win the primary. He did so many unpopular things in Maryland as governor that the voters elected a Republican with very little experience in office after O'Malley could no longer run. And Maryland is a very blue/liberal state too. He's bad news, to say the least...
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Feb 14, 2004
Waitaminnit. Was there a debate tonight?

Missed it.
Uh, so did I. I heard something about this debate format, but not a word about when it was being held. Nor did I see any recap articles about it the next day.

Which is kinda surprising. You'd've thought the "liberal media" would've trumpeted this all over the place.


Oct 10, 2013
I think the term you're looking for is "fascist."
The 3rd Reich was national socialism modeled after the fascist regime in italy.

It was in fact so socialist that when the USSR took over east germany and made it officialy socialist after their model, they did not change anything!
They left the nazi system intact but merely replaced the people running it.

This is one reason why after the reunification large parts of the DDR population wanted the 3rd Reich back and the new german national socialist party (NPD) as well as the old sovjet socialist party (PDS/Linke) are strong and even in state governments there.

Socialism is like an incurable disease. Once you open the pandorras box there is almost no way back.

I've watched over decades how the US population has been worn down to accept socialism as their 'saviour' by more or less clever social engineering.

It is truly terrifying.


I've watched over decades how the US population has been worn down to accept socialism as their 'saviour' by more or less clever social engineering.
We've been pretty solidly a sociocapitalist mixed economy since about 1933 on. Hard to call it a negative influence when some of it's initiatives helped pave the way for the country's economic golden age of the 50's and 60's.