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    I’m not a Kuccinich supporter (well, scratch that - I am a Kucinich supportor, I’m just not going to vote for him). But I have to say his idea of establishing a Cabinet Level “Department of Peace” is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen come out of someone running for political office.

    From the Department of Peace bill, drafted by Kucinich and introduced into Congress:

    Now I know a lot of the conservative posters don’t like Kucinich because they see many of his ideas as being “socialist” in nature, but I don’t think that kind of argument can be made here. So, beyond your thoughts of Kuch or his other policies, what do you guys think of the establishment of a Department of Peace?
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    Jul 17, 2002
    New Hampshire
    To respond to my own thread:

    Personally, I think it would be great - and I’m not even of the oppinion that not all wars are needed or justified. I simply feel as if organized non-violence has proven itself more than effective in foreign disputes with Ghandi in India, and domestic disputes with MLK and the Civil Rights movement. Having a cabinet level Department with a Secretary of Peace (how cool would that be?) advocating non-violent principles as a means for conflict resolution would be a great aide in this country. I’m not saying that non-violent actions will work everytime, but having a department trained and devoted to non-violent social change and progress would be a welcome view point to bring to our executive decision making. Imagine if we had an army of young men and women skilled and well versed in the art of nation building and the creation of democratic societies working for us now in Iraq. I mean, all respect to the men and women in uniform working there right now, but out military forces have been trained to fight wars and defeat the enemy, not to maintain socio-political stability and build nations. Having troops within the “Department of Peace” working towards establishing the peace in Iraq would be insanely productive.

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    I like the idea but im sure the military machine dont appreciate it nor all those defense contractors who are soaking up billions of dollars every year.
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    If there are enough people to head up and to staff such an agency, the same Prez that would put them into a "DepPeace" could put them into the existing administrative structures and get the same results.

    It always take two to make a peace; it only takes one to start a fight. Doesn't matter if it's nations or a family. The whole deal is that foreign policy not be servant to business interests to the detriment of other nations' needs or sovereignty.

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    Sounds exactly like the "Ministry of Peace" from "1984".

    I feel that expanding the bureaucracy isn't the answer.
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    Ask any millitary person who has served in war time whether they prefer war or peace and invariable they will choose peace, believe me. Soldiers are the LAST people who want to go to war, because they are the ones who are dying out there. Just remember that next time you accuse or millitary of such things.

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