Desktops vs Laptops Survey!


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Dec 6, 2001
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What do you guys think Apple is more innovative at making, Laptops or Desktops?

If you HAD to decide, and compared Apple Desktops to PC Desktops, and compared Apple Laptops to PC Laptops, which would compare better?

The question IS NOT: which is better, an Apple Laptop or an Apple Desktop- that answer is obvious. Laptops dont have superdrives or the speedier processor speeds. Im not asking to compare laptops vs desktops. Im asking which they make better versus the competition. (PC's)

I know that sounds confusing, but let me know! Im just curious as to what my fellow MacRumor posters think.



Jul 9, 2000
desktops rule

the dual G4 for graphics seems a lot better than anything i have seen in the pc in that price range

the ibook is cool but does not clobber a similar pc laptop and sony makes some great laptops in the same range as the tibook even though the tibook stands alone with its great titanium shell

i have limited space and i don't like loud fans so the tibook is on my personal wish day


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Jan 2, 2001
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my answer

As far as laptops go, I think Apple is way ahead of the game. More features and much more beautifully designed systems. Sony Vaio does give the Ti a run for it's money, but I think the Ti is 10x more elegant than the Sony will ever be. The iBook is a nice little computer packed with a lot for a small price and I would think it appeals to more people for it's character than any peecee counterpart does.

For desktops, I think that Apple make much better equipment hands down. I've yet to be able to work on a dual processor G4, but I could only imagine how much it would blow away a Wintel box!

The only thing I think Apple has going against it is price. G4's are much more expensive than peecee are, but u do get a much better machine.
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