Desperately Needed, PC PTP Tsunami Mainboard

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    Desperately Needed, PC PTP Tsunami Mainboard

    My Power Computing Power Tower Pro mainboard quit working on me. It powers up, however do startup chime or video.

    I desperately need a replacement mainboard. It needs to be made after a certain date. Here is how you tell the date: Look for the memory DIMM slots. Just below them there will be four chips marked "Sharp" on them. The last line will have four numbers and maybe a letter. It needs to say "9705" or later.

    If you have such a mainboard, please let me know. Thank you.

    Here is what happened:

    Well, I have some sad news to report. My mainboard is failing. I have had this mainboard since 1996. It is a wonderful Tsunami mainboard with six pci slots and a processor daughter card for east upgrading.

    Sadly, today, I went to start up my computer, and even though it powered up, there was no video nor startup chimes. I checked, and the video card is fine. And the mainboard should chime anyways.

    And since it is so hard to find any other Tsunami mainboards because they were not made after 1997, I may be having to buy a newer mainboard.

    The problem with this is that, even though the Tsunami mainboard was fully ATX, a lot of the newer ones are not fully ATX. This means some serious case and power supply modding for me if I go this route.

    However, I am mostly sad about my mainboard dyeing. It was so faithful to me for almost eight years, and I cared for it dearly.

    I think I am going to cry. *runs off crying*

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