Detroit man wants to sell house for new iPhone


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Sep 13, 2014

Some people are just crazy...

Edit: guess he isn't as crazy as I thought. The 'bungalow' property is somehow only worth $3,000 and whoever buys the property needs to pay $6,000 in back taxes.


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Apr 19, 2010
Fort Wayne, IN
Well a house in Detroit is probably worth about the same as an iPhone.
Actually, it may well be that the house is more a liability than a value. Can't sell for $3,000 and there are $6,000+ owed in back taxes.

I wouldn't want it if he would just sign over the deed to me.


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Oct 7, 2014
Sounds like a smart scheme to get rid of a house that can't even sell for $3,000 and make the sucker who buys it pay $6,000 in back taxes.


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Dec 18, 2012
Sounds like a smart scheme to get rid of a house that can't even sell for $3,000 and make the sucker who buys it pay $6,000 in back taxes.
but still 9000$ for a house is really cheap. Actually for, lets say, 200.000$ at this price you could buy 20 houses and have your own hood:cool:


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Jul 10, 2007
Some people are willing to pay an ETF. Some are willing to pay a WTF.


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Aug 12, 2014
That is absolutely crazy. I would never sell my house for anything like a phone.

steve knight

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Jan 28, 2009
Detroit Homeowner Wants To Trade His House For An iPhone 6

there you go someone get him a phone.
If you want a new iPhone, but you're unwilling to take out a mortgage to afford it, you'll find a sympathetic ear in Larry Else.

The real estate broker represents a Detroit homeowner who, after repeatedly dropping the price on a property he's trying to sell, is now willing to trade it for an iPhone 6.


"It's a real listing," Else told My Fox Detroit. "My client is overseas and he told me he would be willing to trade the property for an iPhone 6. It sounds to me like he wants the [iPhone 6+] version, but I think he's willing to negotiate."

The homeowner would also consider a 32 gigabyte iPad, or he would likely be happy to sell for $3,000, as specified in the home's listing on Zillow.

The listing euphemistically refers to the house as an "investor special," neglecting to mention, as the Motor City Muckraker did, that the owner owes $6,160 in property taxes and the house itself is all but abandoned. In a conversation with The Huffington Post, Else didn't hesitate to acknowledge the home "needs major renovations."

The broker told HuffPost his client lives in Austria and bought the house in 2010 for $41,000, likely believing it to be a smart investment as a rental property. Though it looked good on paper, the house was probably never in as good a shape as the owner was led to believe. "The seller was a victim himself," Else said.


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Jan 4, 2002
I don't know if you can trade a house in Detroit for a iPhone 6. Maybe a Galaxy S5 tho.


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Jun 15, 2013
Looks like a potential buyer could just let themselves in...

..through the window. No lockbox needed for that house. I'm not even sure if it has a door.

I think Detroit taxes must be high. Unfortunately because Detroit has had so many fiscal issues the taxes are high but city services are not good. No streetlights on some streets because city doesn't pay the bills even before bankruptcy. I have even heard that if you try to remodel a house there the code inspectors are more picky than in the suburbs by far. So no one wants to remodel and spend $$$$ in a bad neighborhood with harsh code enforcement for installing plumbing, electrical, etc.

I can't imagine he'll ever be able to sell. There are some decent areas of Detroit so if he's in or near those it might be feasible though.

Oops, looks like he sold it for money and someone else is going to give him a new iPhone:
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