Dick's Sporting Goods Being Sued For Civil Rights Violations/Age Discrimination

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    And Walmart, too. You cannot discriminate against people in a protected class and age is a protected class in most states. Kudos to this young man, (and the others in similar lawsuits) for standing up to the tyranny of the minority who would see his rights taken away. All too often we hear members of the "liberal" community say that civil rights must be protected. Sadly, they do not mean everyone's civil rights. Just the rights they approve of.

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    Companies can and do set policies that preclude them from doing business with individuals below a certain age. And these policies have generally withstood legal challenges, provided the policy is based on reasonable grounds.

    Most rental car companies will not rent a car to drivers under the age of 25. Some credit card issuers also have a minimum age that is often older than 21.

    In the United States the period between ages 18 and 21 is a somewhat murky area. Legally an adult, but not able to take on all the privileges of adulthood.

    I think Dicks Sporting Goods will stand their ground on this policy. It doesn't strike me as unreasonable.
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    Actually, state law is on the side of the plaintiff and not Dick's. The kid has a good chance of winning.


    These are not long standing policies, like car rentals. They are recent and arbitrary introductions. Other stores sell to 18 year olds so it is not an industry standard practice.

    Eugene Volokh, a noted attorney also thinks he's got a good chance, based on the law.


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