Did 10.2.3 Ruin my Battery? Battery "

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Other.au, Jul 21, 2004.

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    Jan 20, 2004
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    Lol - as i was writting this post - my battery was running on self power after having done a power recalibration. Lasted 5 minutes. CRASH.

    My battery is irratic. After just 13 months my battery acting up.

    I heard rumours that update 10.2.3 damaged certain powerbook batteries. Many recorded irratic battery behaviour after installing the update. I.e. soon after installing the update their batteries deteriorated at a rapid pace and within a few weeks their batteries "died".

    This is the current state of my battery.

    1. Battery is at 96%
    2. 10 minutes later - no change in battery level.
    3. Then - Comp crashes. Skips sleep altogether.
    4. Plug in power cable - grey lines run down the screen

    If the power cable is plugged in i dont expirience any of these problems. These "grey lines" only appear after a battery crash.


    I am an expirience mac user and know how to treat a battery. I.e. dont charge it up from halfway. Run the battery down before charging it up. I have tried a number of things including power calibration and all the advice on the apple website.

    Is this normal behaviour?
    Is this due to 10.2.3?
    Is it a problem with the battery?
    What can be done?

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