Did The Verge make a mistake in their mistake in their new Apple Watch comparison chart?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by AyeKay15, Sep 15, 2017.

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    They probably meant streaming music directly from the watch, not just passing audio through.
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    I wondered the same thing...

    Can an Apple Watch 3 that is GPS only, or an LTE version that doesn't have LTE activated, stream Apple Music over wife by itself, say i you left your phone at home?

    Or is the true streaming of Apple Music to the watch without an iPhone involved only over LTE only? I find that odd if it is the case. And if it isn't the case the Verge's chart should have said cellular streaming, or clarified that the GPS only series 3 can stream apple music to the watch w/o a phone if has an internet connection (wifi).
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    If you've got your phone with you, you stream from there. At most, you just use the non-LTE watch Music and Now Playing apps as a remote control for the phone. If you want to listen to music from your non-LTE watch without having your phone, you can do so -- but you need to transfer the playlists to the watch, so that you aren't actually streaming with the watch but simply using the watch as a sort of iPod.
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    I guess looking at the article they are not sure either if the streaming of music directly to the watch is a cellular only feature, or if the series 3 gps only can do it (over wifi of course). They are guessing the extra storage in the cellular version of the watch has to do with the streaming of Apple Music:

    "...guessing it has to do with the watch's impending Apple Music streaming feature: Apple Music needs a certain amount of cached storage to stream, and if the company additionally plans to allow users to locally download playlists from the streaming catalog, the extra space is necessary."​

    Interesting, I would have thought the series 3 gps only would be able to stream over wifi (if you didn't have your phone with you), but maybe not.

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