Digital Audio OUT Lightning to 30pin dock (IN-CAR-ENTERTAINMENT)

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    I have an iPhone 5 and an audio dock which uses the old 30 pin connector and I need to get a digital audio signal from the lightning port to the dock - is that possible ?

    I thought it was analog audio which didn't pass through the Apple adapters, but now I read it's digital which doesn't pass ?? The reviews Ive read in relation to the Onkyo dock is that an Apple adapter works - but there's no mention of whether the signal is digital or not.

    The audio dock is an Onkyo DA-S5 which has an optical output - which is what my receiver takes. I'm aware that the dock has analog outs, and that its possible to use a USB Camera Kit to a USB Optical audio device (Turtle Beach etc) but - if its possible, I'd like to use the Onkyo as it has AirPlay and good quality RCA outs. I know AirPlay removes the need for any cables or adapters - but should that be flaky - I'd like a hardwired backup solution.

    For anyone who is interested, this dock is to be used in a car (ICE), with the optical signal receiver being an Audison Bit One processor (via an SFC - sampling frequency convertor, due to the Bit One only being compatible with 44.1kHz signals).
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    perhaps someone could at least accuse me of being lazy and not searching for an answer ? thats the protocol isn't it :rolleyes:
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    does digital audio pass through a lightning to 30pin dock adapter ??

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