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iPod Digital mp4 movies wont play on Windows 10. Frame freeze only.


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Sep 23, 2020
I have about 30 to 40 digital copies of movies recently uploaded on my Windows 10 laptop as well as on a separate hard drive. Not cloud copies, but actual digital copies taking up gig space, that I got from back when movies only brought digital hard copies to download on iPods and other such devices. I had all these movies on my old iPod classic and my old Asus laptop. That old iPod classic since died, and now I have a new one I bought recently, gen 7, 160gb. Same model, a couple years newer manufsctured. I still have all those movies saved on my hard drive, and I later tried to upload all the movies onto my iTunes on my new laptop with Windows 10. Two problems:

1. Not all the digital copies went onto my itunes. Like id say 60% copied over when i added the whole folder, but about 40% of the mp4 movies never transferred over (I checked these copies on my hard drive and they seem normal).

2. When I try to click and actually play ANY of these digital copies on my laptop, the timer starts and goes, but the movie itself does not play. It only shows a freeze frame of scenes I skip to. For example, if I skip to 10 minutes into the movie, it'll get to the scene the movie is at on a freeze frame, as if it were on pause. But, when I try to click play, the timer starts up but the screen does not change. It stays frozen on the scene. No matter at what point I skip to, it'll go to that point but remain paused on that scene. The film turns on, but doesn't actually play.

I have not tried to upload and sync these movies onto my new iPod classic. I'm afraid it'll corrupt something. I'm not sure why they don't play and I'm not sure why not ALL of the movies transferred over to my iTunes when I did in fact upload the entire folder to the movies library.

Please help!
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