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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 15, 2005.

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    What I think I love the most about opinions on DRM is that many times people, in one breath talk, about how things used to be (in the pre-DRM/content management days), but in the next breath they berate the powers that be for living in the past and not changing w/the times. Bit of a double standard if you ask me.

    I don't see a problem w/the iTMS+iPod tandem. Apple made a very good mouse trap and they aren't doing anything to prevent other companies from making a better mouse trap. It's like if someone said Sony, MS or Nintendo should port their exclusive, "killer app" games to the other consoles because it's not fair that, for example, only the Xbox can have Halo. :rolleyes:

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    I think the article neglect the point that without DRM, Microsoft or Apple will have no room for discussion with the records companies as the record companies will deemed it too risky to license their music to stores that allow their music to be distributed freely.
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    What bothers me a lot about the debate is not Apple's DRM. I think it is very fair for what it is. Heck, Apple has even been very open about the ways to get around the DRM... burn it to a CD, re-rip the file into anything you like, including mp3, wma, or sony's atrac format, and the 128 AAC file still sounds better than any of those 3.

    What bothers me is that people attack Apple for "locking in" consumers to the iPod. As stated before, Apple has told its consumers how to get around FairPlay, which would allow the consumer to play an iTunes purchased song on any portable media player in some format or another. So the songs themselves do not lock you into the player. And the iPod plays a ton of different OPEN formats, including the most popular, mp3. You can play music that you alread own on the iPod, so the player doesnt lock you into buying music from the store.... When are people going to get it through their thick skulls... I guess theyre all just deep in Microsoft's pockets, and when Microsoft is "suffering", the little journalist monkeys all echo the pains of Redmond.
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    Seriously. I hate reading how Apple is "locking" buyers into using the iPod. It's an Apple iPod and it's Apple's music store iTunes. The example just given is true: think of the iPod as a Virtual Music Console sort of like a Physical Game console like Xbox. Apple has to make sure that people who shop with Apple stay with Apple. It's not Apple's job to allow compatibility with it's own competition. This is ,after all, competition. If you like the iPod so damn much (cause it hurts so much to have to love that damn beautiful Nano!! )then just accept having to use that horrible ugly (and several other sarcastic negative comments) iTunes. But, unsarcastically, if you hate iTunes... get the Creative Labs imitation player and use Sonicplayer or Windows Media Player. And, it'll work on a Dell, HP, Sony PC, and many other ugly-looking, horrid-OS running computers.

    Oh, thank the heavens I am not bound by the ball&chain that is Windows and PCs. Perhaps I too would've been intoxicated by Gate's spell and been rallying in favor M$ WinXP and LongCrap.

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