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Apr 9, 2001
Every now and again, Apple posts Mac related stories on their site... The most recent is an article about a 24 minute Documentary entited "No Dumb Questions".

This short film has won many awards as well as an honorable mention for Short Filmmaking at Sundance Film Festival

Of course, made on a Mac... but what's notable is that level of hardware/software that was used. Melissa Regan created the documentary with a PowerMac, single-chip CCD Sony, and iMovie. We're talking low-end here... I think it really emphasizes the ability of the hub-strategy and i-software. The best comment I've heard about apps such as iMovie and iDVD are that it's not that it allows video/film people to edit video easier (though it may do that) -- instead the point is it brings video editing to people that it would not have otherwise been an option -- the moms, dads and hobbyists.


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Jan 6, 2002
You know what they say...

Snip snip and Bob's your aunt!


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Originally posted by Beej
You know what they say...

Snip snip and Bob's your aunt!

It took about 15 seconds unti I got it, but I got it! (thank God me mum's British or I'd be totally clueless to the reference!)

That's exactly the point, arn. Video editing made simple for the masses. Even kids can express themselves using a medium formally reserved for the elite.

Thank goodness for technology. Thank goodness for Apple for making it easy. :)
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