Dinged/Nicked OUT of Box: Two Black iPhone5 64gb Normal

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by didiee, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Of course I know it is NOT normal. I'm just tired to people confusing the issues in the other threads.

    These were brand new, opened by the sale rep in front of me, WITHOUT even leave the Apple Store.

    Here is my calculation.

    For all the geniuses...

    Surface area of iphone
    26.81 in^2 (4.87,2.31,0.3)

    Area a pencil point
    Pi(0.5/10/2.54/2)^2 = 0.0003 in ^2
    0.5mm being the diameter of a typical lead mechanical pencil

    So if my calculation and logic are correct
    1/89000 of my iphone is nicked/stretched/damaged

    Typical Porsche Surface area.
    Approx 30000 in^2 (do your own calculation)

    so If your brand new cheapest Porsche that you can find Retail for 75000
    has paint/widow/rim damage of 1/89000 of your total car, that you'd be okay?

    Which translate into 30000*(1/89000)=0.337
    Diameter of penny is 0.75in
    (0.75/2)^2 * Pi = 0.44 in^2

    New Conclusion: Not as dramatic, but still almost a Penny size worth of damage.

    Porsche is not a fair comparison.
    Fine will you accept that on your $8000 brand new car, which you saved up one year to buy?

    iPhone is designed as mass produced product, it is allow to have some defects.
    By personal experience it failed 100%. There are plenty of people reported 5, or 6 exchanges before getting a brand new one. I will also accept if Apple sells these as "refurbished" and/or "damaged" with a discount. 50 dollars would do. I refuse to pay full price without getting my money worth. I can damaged it all by myself without any help. Thank you very much.

    Schiller: Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.
    Response: Mr. Schiller, please don't confuse the issue. Read my title. (I know it is a cheap shot, since he didnt really respond to me, nor on the same question.) These are BRAND NEW still sitting in YOUR store iPhones. I have not even taken it out for a test drive yet,they still have bows tied around them.

    I will paypal you 12 cents, if you would just stop whining.
    I will pay 1 dollar for your Brand New 70K retail car, if you would just stop whining. (70000/83000) less than a dollar

    There are problems with every single iphone since the dawn of time.
    Yes; however, these are based on my/people's simple inspection. The FIRST step when I spend almost a grand buying anything. These are not functional issues.

    Bottom line
    Numbers are universal.
    I will not sit here and purchase a Porsche with any damage, esp a penny size worth of anything, without INSPECTING it before I drive it off the lot.
    Please focus on what went wrong in Quality control, when they failed at the first step.

    Fire away. Attack me personally all you want, but follow the arguments.

    Updated formulas and final conclusion.
    I suppose my Dr. Leonard Leakey Hofstadter had to prove me wrong, and wanted me to announce to the world that I was wrong.
    Yes Leonard, I made a mistake......
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    Oh Em Gee....

    Dr. Sheldon Cooper bought an iPhone 5!
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    This Thread happens when Bill Nye the Science Guy buys an iPhone 5… smh
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    What the heck did I just read?
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    Because I have made a fetal logic flaw somewhere, or you just have trouble follow simple linear logical arguments?
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    I think we need to lock the medicine cabinet from now on...
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    Charlie Murpppphhhhhhhhhhy
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    Boss is out.
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    Now, explain it to me like I'm a four-year-old.
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    You see....Daddy has a brand new car that's worth a lot of money. And even though it is not big, you'll have to line about 10000 quarter to cover it up.

    If you punch the car with your tiny four year old fist, then you'd damage the car. If this car was still sitting in the parking lot of the dearship, they'd make your daddy pay for it. Will cost a lot of money.

    Now, imaging the car is only as big as your daddy's new iphone. You only poked it with a very sharp knife, which daddy do not want you to ever pay with a sharp object, and damaged the new iphone. Daddy will and should be equally upset, especially you didn't poke the phone but someone else did.

    Undertood? my little myerz?
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    Did you ever get laid in life braH and was it only once in a lifetime or what :eek:

    You need to go out in the public and get out of the dark
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    as long as you can follow the logic... go ahead..
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    Great post.

    I'm being serious here, all these "wtf" posts are annoying.
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    I just like to hear that i'm right.....:D

    Now what? Now we should focus on there are TWO groups of people, not just lump everyone in that one thread.
    Send Mr Shilling another email, get a different response?
    Tell people to focus on QC and Apple's production process, instead of sitting here yelling at each other? Calling each other names/whiner...etc
    Find a lawyer to do this Pro-Bono?
    Asking Apple to lower the price?
    World Peace?

    I think when we can hone in on the real problem it'll be easier to have a real conversation?
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    Lets take on your second rebuttal:

    It's hard to prove when you use yourself (1 PERSON!!!) or the MacRumors community as a representation of the general population that’s surveyed with defects. A majority of the folks signed up with MacRumors and subscribed to threads like this are here with the intent to complain and critique. How many folks with issues do you think found these threads with a simple search for “Iphone 5 Scratch”?

    If you were to place a similar poll for Western Digital on their message boards about HDD failure rates, I’m positive you could expect a similar bias. Does that mean they produce an inferior product? Likewise, if we take this to a universal example – how about we poll US children under 5 to see if there is a Santa Claus? Does that make him real?

    The fact remains: no one on this forum has reasonably proved that there’s a quality issue with the 2+ million phones circulating. However, there is evidence available that Apple utilizes industry standards for quality such as Six Sigma. With an industrial engineer like Tim Cook at the helm – do you rationally believe millions of devices were released to the public from a billion dollar corporation without an acceptable level of quality control sampling?

    Based on you’re argument, a very small sample (less than 0.01% of sales) taken from a community of self entitled babies has more merit than the standard manufacturing processes and thresholds of a PROVEN world class billion dollar company? Additionally, if this was a real problem like the antenna issue - don't you think it would of came to light on actual news sources by now?


    So that there’s no confusion – I believe folks with blemishes have every right to get their phone replaced. I don’t know if quality is really a concern or not, but (AS OF NOW) there’s obviously not enough evidence to say that it should be.
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