Director Kevin Smith to Speak at Macworld Expo 2007

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    Link: Director Kevin Smith to Speak at Macworld Expo 2007
    Filmmaker Kevin Smith, others to talk at Macworld Expo
    By Peter Cohen

    IDG World Expo on Thursday announced its Feature Presentation lineup for Macworld Conference & Expo, which returns to San Francisco, Calif. from January 8 - 12, 2007.
    Feature Presentations — open to all registered attendees — will include “Q&A With Kevin Smith,” a talk with the popular filmmaker behind Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and other movies is a well-known Mac user, and will come to share his stories about the film business.

    “Photography and the Digital Experience” will be presented by Joel Meyerowitz, whose work has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art and on Nightline, CBS and MSNBC. He’s also the author of 15 books, including one on the World Trade Center and the Ground Zero recovery effort.

    “Macworld Live! with David Pogue” will feature New York Times columnist and Mac author David Pogue, with his talk show-style presentation, complete with guests, “David’s famous song parodies and other surprises.”

    The Macworld Best of Show 2007, a new event where editors from Macworld magazine will present and demonstrate the most exciting and innovative products at the show.

    The MacBraniac Challenge, where two teams square off to test their mettle in a battle of wits and Mac trivia knowledge, hosted by Macworld senior editor Chris Breen.

    IDG World Expo and Macworld owner Mac Publishing LLC are both owned by International Data Group (IDG).

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    I believe people like Kevin Smith are extremely talented because of their ability to produce great films, with original and insightful content, on a low budget.
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    Kevin Smith rocks, I ran into him in Chicago, and took a pic with him as well, I'll post it if you guys wanna see it. All his movies rock...AND he's a Mac User and proud of it.
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    My old VHS copy of Clerks i found by accident reduced in the bargain section of HMV was lent to so many people i forgot who had it in the end.

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