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    Description:: The recent iTunes 6.0.2 update added a feature to the popular music player. When you go to your library, you see a “MiniStore” at the bottom of the window. The MiniStore Apple says, “allows you to discover new music as you enjoy your collection or import new CDs with MiniStore — right from your iTunes library.”

    This is easily removed either by clicking the MiniStore button in the bottom-right section of the iTunes window, or by selecting Edit > Hide MiniStore.

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    there's also a little button along the bottom of the main window--it's the leftmost icon along the bottom, just to the left of the EQ settings button. Unless you have Airtunes, then it's just to the right of it.

    It's just a little icon with a bar along the top and a down arrow (to hide) or an up arrow (to show), depending on the state of the mini-store.

    If I may also say, what an annoyingly hard-figure-out-how-to-remove feature. they shouldn't have set it to auto-on.
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    Yeah, the original post talked about that button.

    And, my 2 cents is this: why is it so hard? It's in the edit menu, where they also keep Browser and Artwork.
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    A lot of people seem to be looking for the option in Preferences instead of the Edit menu...I agree with Apple's placement. Preferences are for things you don't change very often...once you set them, you're usually good to go. I can definitely see how turning the MiniStore on and off frequently might be desirable. You can keep it off most of the time, but if you want to access the info it provides, you can quickly toggle it on.
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