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    I had been working on some iMovie/iDVD projects for some time now and finally got them completed. I wanted to give them that one last bit of pizzazz and make them look "legit". I finally found discmakers.com and am very happy with their service.


    They do mass orders of course but they also do small quantity orders (anything less than 500 is considered small and they will do just one if you want). The link I gave is the lin to their small quantity order site. I got DVD sleeves printed and the color is very good. The paper quality is pretty much the same you would find on a standard store bought DVD.

    The 2 DVD's I had duplicated went just fine and the color printed on the DVDs is excellent. It makes it look very professional.

    It is a tad expensive but short run prints tend to be that way. It's about $10 per DVD. They will send you printed blanks if you want or you can mail the masters in and they will burn them for you. I had them burn the masters for me because I didn't want to risk making a "coaster" at home. They seem to get orders done quickly (2 days).

    Just though I'd throw this out in case anybody was looking to do something like this for the holidays. These type of places are hard to find.

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