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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by zorinlynx, Apr 26, 2014.

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    I'm worried that this $15 "discount" may be temporary. Anyone know why it's being shown as a discount instead of the device fee simply being $25?

    One nice thing is with this new plan my bill actually went DOWN. That's the first time in... forever!

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    Mine is the same. This is not a temp discount. I would bet it is either ATT's antiquated billing system where they can't just change the device fee to $25 or they just show it as a discount until you upgrade with a 2 yr contract or next plan which would cause your device fee to go back up. My bill went down too! I never though I would see the day.
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    They probably do this on purpose to make the customer feel like they're getting a deal. Instead of just showing $25, they post it as $40 with a discount to show the savings.
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    Even Verizon does it this way too. Probably so they wouldn't have to create some new pricepoints for lines and switch to that and just use the usual prices ($40) and then apply an appropriate discount onto those, given that the discount can potentially be different as well depending on how much data the plan allows for and all that.
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    Ok, this thread is a little old, but i was just looking at this for an iPhone6 upgrade. the $15 discount is a grandfathered in discount. If you upgrade your phone and are on the 2 yr contract, you lose the discount. You get to keep the $25/mo access rate if you go to the ATT Next plan.

    I found this in the fine print of the "mobile share value plan" page (, e.g. signing up for a new plan), the fine print for "Step 2 (access charges): Add smartphones to your plan" says:


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