Disney Dissidents Want Eisner Gone Before Retirement

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    Disney Dissidents Want Eisner Gone Before Retirement
    By GARY GENTILE, The New York Times

    LOS ANGELES (Sept. 13) - The leaders of the effort to oust Michael Eisner as chief executive of The Walt Disney Co. have called on the company's board to reject Eisner's offer to retire in 2006 as well his pick of president Robert Iger as his successor.
    Disney CEO Michael Eisner

    Roy E. Disney and Stanley Gold said Monday they will propose an alternate slate of directors if Disney's board does not launch an immediate search for a new CEO and announce that Eisner will step down from the board at the conclusion of the search.

    The two former board members said a new chief executive should be in place before Disney's next shareholder meeting in early 2005.

    Eisner said Friday that he intends to retire as CEO when his contract expires in September 2006. He did not say whether he would seek to remain on Disney's board.

    On Monday, Roy Disney and Gold called Eisner's pledge ''mere window dressing'' and said ''there is no acceptable solution that includes Mr. Eisner's continued leadership at Disney for the next two years - let alone any longer than that.''

    A Disney company spokesman did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

    The two dissidents sent a letter to Disney's non-management directors, chastising them for taking little action since 45 percent of shareholders withheld their support for Eisner's re-election to the board at last March's shareholders' meeting.

    The board stripped Eisner of his board chairmanship after the meeting, though they expressed confidence in his management skills.

    The dissidents also rejected any scenario that would include Eisner remaining on the board - or possibly becoming chairman - in 2006, with Iger as CEO.

    ''We ask you to immediately engage an independent executive recruiting firm to conduct a worldwide search for a strong visionary leader capable of guiding this company as it faces the challenges ahead,'' Roy Disney and Gold wrote.

    Disney shares rose 14 cents to $23.30 on the New York Stock Exchange.
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    i'm with roy on this one. the disney spirit was perverted a long time ago and eisner choosing the successor assures that for the next 20 years.

    too bad this letter will go ignored.

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    Planet Zebes
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    I totally agree with Roy Disney. There is just no reason for Michael to remain for two more years. Stop the bleeding now. A fresh face is needed at Disney.

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