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    as a non-reader of this forum i was compelled to register and help stop the flow of disinformation about the go-l.com machines that propagated through a very long thread. i am simply providing links to information freely available on the web to show how quickly misinformation can spread and influence others.

    everyone has seen the go-l.com website and 9 out of 10 of the people posting on the related thread on this site were convinced that it was some elaborate scam and that these technologies don't exist.

    i am just an educated consumer hoping to help educate some of those who were so quick to judge that these technologies are fictitious. in order not to get off topic, you can see that this post contains no opinion, just fact. please reply responsibly.

    intel 3.2 ghz extreme edition cpu:

    (keep in mind that the 3.8ghz/950mhz system offered is an overclocked 3.2ghz/800mhz system. many 3.2ghz users, even those without the EE version, run at this speed)

    4gb 533mhz ddr533 memory:

    (keep in mind dual channel DDR does not refer to DDR-II, but instead refers to two channels, ie banks of DDR. which, btw, is what is pictured in the image of their motherboard. although, claims of chipsets not existing for DDR-II are false as well. albeit it is a xeon system chipset, the intel 7205 chipset aka "granite bay" is released and supports true DDR-II.)

    up to 16gb expansion memory using cenatek rocket drives:

    (these are not nvram drives like puram. they are volatile and are powered by an external ac adapter as well as from the system bus. if all power is lost, so is all data. they are merely useful for lightening fast application usage while using the machine. they take PC133 off the shelf memory)

    option PuRam technology:

    (puram technology is rebranded solid state flash disks. i assume they are using the 3.5 IDE form factor, although they are available in whatever form you wish)

    ati radeon 9800 pro:

    r404 based cooling system:

    (asetek vapochill system... omg, look at the vapochill case. familiar?)

    raid ata-133, raid s-ata 150, fibre channel, ultra320 scsi:

    8x dvd writer:

    (not this model, but technology exists)

    magma pci bus expansion units:

    (go-l photos even say magma on the board..)

    firewire 400, firewire 800:

    3com 3c940 gigabit lan:

    example 550w vsf power supply:

    and for good measure, grand canyon display:
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    Oct 20, 2003
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    I don't know if Lieberman's real or not, but it sure seems like you could slap 3 Samsung thin-bezel monitors together and add an extra video card for much less than they're charging for the Grand Canyon.

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