Disscusion about graphic Cards in Apples Computers


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Jan 6, 2002
I must speak about the graphic Cards Apple takes for its Product line. Thats a Point I misslike !!!


low --> Geforce 4 MX
middle --> Radeon 9000 PRO
high --> Radeon 9000 PRO

These Cards are too bad for the Power Mac Line.

Look a Geforce 4 Ti4200 very good card has nearly the same Price like the Radeon 9000 Pro and the Gf4 Ti4200 is Faster !!!

And I dont can understand how you can build a card like the Radeon 9000 in THE HIGH END ?!?!?

These would be good and serious !

low --> Radeon 9000 PRO
middle --> Geforce 4 Ti 4200
high --> Geforce 4 Ti 4400 or 4600

Ti books are very Good !
iBook needs a Bump on graphic power (by the way)

And the iMac I think also need more power in graphic, when the next update of the iMac will still have a Gf2 I will laugh because noobody uses this cards more ( on the market) and the have no power !

Apple has a Big alliance with Nvidia much of you also think that there will be a Nforce Board for the Power Mac, so why not Simple use the things which Nvidia is very famous and good ???

Yes graphic acceleratetors !
By the way you can take MSI Geforce Cards and make a Flash rom and have a full Mac Geforce card for half the price !?!?

So the cards are not expensive in production and its not much work to put this cards in the Mac ! So why there are no good cards like the Geforce4 Ti4200 or 4400 for the Mac user ???



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Jul 23, 2002
because of price..

Apple has chosen to use the radeon 9000 because it is $70 vs $125.
The new radeon 9K's are a very cheap chard because ATI has integrated many
of it functions on to one chip. The 150 dollars that ATI quotes for the
price of the 9000 pro is just a special price for us mac users.


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Jan 6, 2002
no ...

RAdeon 9k PRO edition 150 €
Geforce 4 ti 4200 160 €

10 bucks for twice as fast !


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Jun 25, 2002
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However, you can't buy a Macintosh version of the 4Ti 4200.

Since nVidia doesn't create anything but the reference video cards, various companies create the actual retail and OEM versions. Apple is one of the OEMs and they really don't see any reason to put money into a weaker card. Two levels (for the PowerMacs) is enough. Perhaps, if one of the smaller Windows video card players were interested in a small market, they could be convinced to sell and support their cards.


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Jan 6, 2002
But this card is not weaker !

Much faster and that is why i Dont understand Apple to take the Radeon 9k.

You need ot to build a new card you need to build a flash rom that the card understands the Mac system its not so difficult !

See Terratec the ship Mac os drivers for der PCI sound cards drivers and flash rom and you can use terraec soun cards !

So simply same on graphic cards exspecially Nvidia cards