Do I have to buy a new iPhone 3G headphone jack assembly? (Pictures included)

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    Dec 20, 2011
    The iPhone 3G that I am repairing has a broken sleep/wake button that will not do anything when pressed on. The button is "pressable" as in it moves when pressed and makes a click, however, nothing happens. I ended up opening the iPhone 3G and checking the assembly and found these breaks on the ribbon cable. I don't know if these are suppose to be there but here are the pictures (First picture shows the break near my thumb):


    This one shows what it should like if they are suppose to be connected and in one piece:


    This last picture shows two lines in the ribbon cable that I am not sure if they are suppose to be there?


    So my question is basically whether do I need to replace this cable or is it fine and the problem with my sleep/wake button is somewhere else?

    I was thinking of getting this as my replacement.

    Last, is there mercury in the iPhone screen? I know some laptops had mercury in their screen bulbs and was wondering if the iPhone has some too. Don't want to be messing with that stuff.

    Hope someone can help. Thanks!
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    Yeah, just replace the power flex cable and you are good. The cost in the link in your post is high. I replaced many, many of this and it cost around $7 or under. You can search "3G power flex" and there should be pages come up with this.

    Also, the screen does not have any mercury in it.
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    Dec 20, 2011
    Thanks! Orders have been placed.

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