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Do I need an eGPU or a docking station?


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Nov 1, 2014
Do docking stations like the ones below have built-in video cards? Or are the docking stations just a way to consolidate I/O into one area but the dGPU or iGPU of the laptop is used?

I'm looking for a way to connect multiple 4K displays to a Macbook Pro 16" and I'm not sure if I need a docking station or an eGPU. My goal is to not use the dGPU inside of the Macbook pro 16".


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Mar 28, 2019
If you want to bypass the dGPU, you've got no choice but an eGPU to run external monitors. Most MacBook pros with 2 GPUs have the external outputs hardwired to the dGPU.
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