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May 2, 2008
Hi all,

I've had an iPad 2 for a while now but I don't think I make use of its full capabilities. I typically carry my MBP to work with me and do a lot of work on my MBP. I also carry my iPhone and use that all the time too.

I was wondering - do you carry your iPad around regularly, and what do you use it for if you also have your computer and iPhone (or at least carry the iPhone as well)?

I guess I'm trying to figure out how I can make better use of it.

TIA! :)


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Jan 2, 2012
If the iPad was slightly smaller, I'd probably take it everywhere with me. But it's just big enough it doesn't fit in my purse. (Perhaps I need a bigger purse)
I mostly use it around my house for reading, or when I'm not near my computer. I also often take it with me when I visit family or friends, or if I'm staying anywhere overnight.


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Jun 23, 2010
I'm a photographer so my iPad is my portfolio. And yes I tell all artists, never leave the house without your portfolio :) I feel a bit weird without having my iPad with me. I use it for emails since its a bit easier on the larger screen. Most of my serious work is in image editing and for that I have a 17" MBP that hooks up to a 24" cinema display at home :)


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Jan 12, 2012
Montara, CA
We've bonded

I start my day reading the local paper's e-edition, since I'm up at least an hour before it gets delivered.

Despite carrying a Blackberry for work. the iPad comes with me. While I'm in the office, FaceTime lets me stay in touch with my wife (on her iPad2.) Sure, the phone still works, but it's ever so much nicer to see her, too!

We share an iCloud account, so all of the pictures we take are on the iPad, and we went the iTunes Match route, so all the music is there.

At home, I use it as a universal remote for my AV receiver and the DirecTV box, along with the usual random surfing (how did I ever watch TV without a computer on my lap?)

In addition to the day job, I'm a bassist in a couple of orchestras, and I absolutely LOVE ForScore. Using a PageFlip Cicada foot pedal, bad page turns are no longer a problem. Having the music back lit helps, and almost entirely makes up for the reduction in size from the usual 11" x 13" page size for orchestra parts. I wouldn't object to a larger version of the iPad (HINT!!!) however, as my eyes keep getting older.

While there are still times I'm more comfortable with a computer, they become fewer the more I use my iPad.


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May 26, 2010

Well I guess use and validating carrying it around everyday is different for all. But I do carry mine every single day. I also carry my iphone 4 with me. The iphone is for texting, quick Facebook checks, quick e-mails, phone calls, and calendar updates. I use the ipad during the week for Netflix at lunch, longer E-mails, and some light reading. I am also a guitar teacher and I use the ipad everyday for lessons and for that it is awesome, pays for itself!! As a private pilot I use the ipad on the weekends in the cockpit for all my flight planning as well as navigation. So it usually works out that I am carrying my ipad for some legitimate use about every day.


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Aug 8, 2002
Yes. For everything. And I mean everything (see my signature...)

It is a rare moment when I am without it.


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Jul 24, 2011
I Have come to the conclusion that I can't go a day without my iPad lol... I'm a vehicle mechanic in the USAF and I'm currently working customer service. It's nice to be able to pull up any reg I want on my iPad and show customers if they have any concerns. I just recently found out how to highlight on good reader(I know, still learning) and its great to have everything highlighted in different categories. When I'm on lunch, I'll pull up a book and when I'm at home, I'll use it for Internet and as a remote for my apple tv.


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Sep 25, 2009
Orlando, FL
The only times my iPad leaves the house is if I'm traveling for work or if I'm going on vacation, or if I go to a friend or relative's house and I want to show off new pictures to them, but other than that, no, I don't carry my iPad everywhere. Usually my iPhone is enough to accommodate my iOS needs if I'm out and about.

I'm a dancer, so I'm not the most computer-driven person out there, therefore my uses of a computer/iPad are basically limited to web surfing, emails, Facebook, instant messaging, online banking, and once in a great while I might do some light video editing. I could basically get away with using just an iPad, nonetheless, I still need a "real" computer on occasion and that's when my MBA kicks in.
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Mar 2, 2011
I habitually carry it around the house with me now. It's easy to grab, and I never know when I'll want to check the weather or google something even when I'm doing something else. And anytime I'm not doing anything in particular, I'm reading the web or FlipBoard or playing a game.


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Aug 11, 2006
Seattle, WA
I used to bring it with me everywhere, including work. Now I dropped it from work due to the size. It is small, but not small enough for me. I would leave it places as it wouldn't fit in my coat.

Bought a kindle fire and now use that as my everyday tablet, with the iPad for uses I know I will be needing it or for longer times. Really hoping apple comes out with a smaller iPad.


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Jul 30, 2011
i use it more at home than on the go. now the iphone thats a different story :D


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Oct 18, 2009
Belfast, Ireland
In addition to the day job, I'm a bassist in a couple of orchestras, and I absolutely LOVE ForScore. Using a PageFlip Cicada foot pedal, bad page turns are no longer a problem. Having the music back lit helps, and almost entirely makes up for the reduction in size from the usual 11" x 13" page size for orchestra parts. I wouldn't object to a larger version of the iPad (HINT!!!) however, as my eyes keep getting older.

+1 for Forscore, it's a fantastic app which I use daily.


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Dec 16, 2007
I believe if I had a 3G I would use it out and about more often. Currently my iPhone leaves the house and the iPad stays at home for browsing the net.


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May 14, 2011
I take my iPad 2 with me most everywhere. When I'm driving, it's in the seat back pocket on the passenger side so I can pull over to look at directions, etc. Also, it saved me a ton at Christmas using it on black Friday to comparison shop at the mall. At work, I use it to look up regulations and standards.

At home, it's usually in the chair next to me or under the extra pillow on my bed when I sleep.


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Oct 9, 2005
While it doesn't come with me every single day, I do take it with me to work very frequently (typically 3-4 days per week out of 5). Maybe once per month I'll need my MacBook Air instead.

When I'm out of town, I far more frequently bring the iPad instead of the MacBook Air.

I'll also bring it with me when I'm going some place where I'll have to wait for my kids for a hour or more - music lessons, gymnastics, etc.

It's far lighter than any laptop, the battery goes forever, and it handles most of what I need a laptop for... I can save & manage any email attachments with GoodReader and DropBox; access Citrix-based apps at work; convert nearly any file to PDF with Adobe CreatePDF (very useful for complex Word files that don't play nicely with Pages or DocsToGo); I use an HDMI adapter to project Keynote and PowerPoint (via SlideShark) presentations/lectures on to the 60" HDTV mounted on the wall in the conference room; take handwritten notes with NoteShelf; plus of course Safari, calendar, etc.


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Aug 12, 2010
Is it bad that mine never leaves my side? I take it EVERYWHERE. I own a business and use it for email and back end operations all the time. If I am driving at every red light it is in my lap and I am checking something online. I stream movies or live tv to it via HBOGo or via when out waiting for takeout or picking up my kids. I use it to FaceTime and I iMessage my wife from it. I am not an iPhone user or fan but I love my iPad. My wife is an iPhone user and works in a place where she only receives wifi signal so iMessage works best for us.

I am very possessive of it and truly miss it when it is not within arms reach. For those of you who are not using your iPads to their max potential, I pity you.

I need therapy.


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Jan 6, 2012
Lol, we all need therapy!!!

I can't believe more people don't use the ipad in their cars as a GPS unit! There are some really great GPS apps out there, such as Waze, Mapquest, etc.
I love how i can keep my music playing (throught the car speakers) and visible in the bottom slider section while GPS guides me along on trips. I'm a bit of a road warrior and have used it on the go for lots of mobile work related tasks as well, paired with a Zagg keyboard, it's a pretty good setup. I will add the disclaimer that it can be quite distracting to some, but it's no bigger or different than most newer cars in-dash GPS/entertainment screens, you just have to be disciplined about it. No surfing or typing while driving!
Also, it's pretty much always in front of me on lunch breaks and free moments for browsing forums and online shopping. I have tons of games but surprisingly i hardly ever play them on the ipad.


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Mar 2, 2009
Waterloo & Georgian Bay, Canada
Goes everywhere with me, use it for everything, work, pleasure ... I'm hooked. :)

To those that carry their iPad everywhere what do you carry it in?

I'm thinking of trying out the new Cadet bag made by Tom Bihn for a daily carry bag ... it doesn't look like a purse as many iPad bags do.


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Aug 15, 2011
I work from home so the ipad is with me in my free time. In the morning reading news media stuff and email before working on either my mac mini or my mbp. At lunch i'll usually listen to sports radio or some other internet radio. At night it sits beside me for email surfing googling. At night i listen to internet radio again, email etc. i enjoy old time radio and have a number of dufferent radio apps along with programs from the internet archive. As i write this im listening to 'the whistler' mystery program from the 40s. I also use tne camera iften and i hope the ipad 3 has one with higher resolution. I use one or two browsers other than safari for flash movies and video and sime chat groups. Its really a great entertainment device for me.


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Aug 12, 2010
Ode2joy I too use it as a gps with Navigon and run it through BT car speakers, while streaming a movie or Internet radio.

Mine lives 99% of its life in a Gumdrop case. Not small, not pretty but it has been bombproof for me. I toss this baby(typing on it now) around, slide it between seats, throw it in a bag and never think twice. I love being able to see the screen at all times. A notification chimes in and I see it on the screen immediately. No opening up a bag, removing a smart cover etc.

That other 1% when I feel the need to strip it down, Moncarbone carbon fiber back protector paired with a leather smart cover. Yeah it is nice, thin and classy but not functional for my needs as I fear I will break it.

Function over fashion for me. Screw the man purse toss it under your arm and go. Who cares if it looks a little big in a rubberized case, decreases attention from passers by. They all think it is a kids toy, my gumdrop case is army green.


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Mar 6, 2011
Question for WiFi only iPad users - do you carry it around everywhere with you?


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Oct 8, 2008
Question for WiFi only iPad users - do you carry it around everywhere with you?

I am a wifi only user and I can say that my iPad goes everywhere with me, I work in IT and at times I receive a call that requires my immediate attention which is when my iPad comes in handy. All my reading materials are on the iPad and all of my work/school notes are also on an app in my iPad. I have gone almost 100% paperless with the help of the iPad. My company pays my tether option on my iPhone and if I need net access I tether.

Southern Dad

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May 23, 2010
Shady Dale, Georgia
My iPhone is always on my hip and my iPad is almost always in my hand. I am never without it. I use it for everything. It has my calendar, my reminders, my email, a calculator, photos, etc. There are times I want a little music in the office, it has it. I may need a bit of direction... the iPad GPS is handy.

I love it and can't ever be without it again.
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