Do You Feel Comfortable With Storing Your Contacts/Address Book Details On the Cloud?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by rekhyt, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Do you feel comfortable with storing your contacts/address book details on the Cloud? For example, the emails and phone numbers of your friends on the Gmail Contacts (Or syncing to Google Sync with the Mac Address Book) or the Mac Address Book with MobileMe?

    If yes, why? I'm currently trying to build up my own contacts list right now (Really unorganised with my phone numbers, emails, ...) and I'm not sure if I should start it on Gmail Contacts (Lovely cloud sync, but possible risk of losing it all if Gmail account somehow gets disabled?) or...
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    The vast majority of people already do so. Anyone using e-mail through the web browser automatically is storing some sort of contact information though it is mostly e-mail addresses and names.

    I'm not too concerned though. All it would be useful to someone else for is junk mail and spam which nearly everyone already receives. I also use a very complex password so someone looking to hack into an account would move on to another address with an easier password.

    However, I will not store personal financial information online. Though my computer would be easier to break into than a large storage center. Hackers have a greater incentive to break into that large storage center for a major harvest of personal financial info. Rather than to spend the time on my lowly computer, which doesn't store anything useful for stealing my identity. That info is only on paper locked up and anchored to concrete.

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