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May 27, 2011
Lima, Peru
1.What are the difference between stuck and dead pixels?
2. I got this iPhone yesterday from Verizon store, do I go to apple or Verizon? There is a green pixel on the screen which I guess means "stuck"
3. Did apple replace your iPhone? No question asked? Or will they give you a refurbished?


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Sep 12, 2008
A dead pixel will often show as a dark spot on for example, a white background.

A stuck pixel is "stuck" on a particular colour, say red or green and is quite noticeable on a dark background.

Of the two, a dead pixel is the least offensive.

It also depends where it is - middle is very annoying, off to the side can be less upsetting!

I have a dead pixel on the left side of my iPad and barely notice it.

I have one stuck green pixel bottom left on my iPhone 5 screen which I notice every time the screen comes on.

My provider sent me a new one immediately (14 day return).

But - Apple's policy on dead or stuck pixels for iPhones is zero. So they will/should also change it for you with no questions asked.

You should not get a refurb - but a new white box replacement.

Change it. It will annoy you for the whole time you have the phone and the screen should be perfect according to Apple's own policy.


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Apr 17, 2011
Both me and my wifes i5 have a dead pixel each.
I called Apple, to make sure what their policies were, and the guy there told me, that they accept no pixels for iPads and iPhones. He also told me to go get it replaced at the store I bought it from. Problem being though, the store are handling the preorders still, so if I were to deliver it now, I wouldn't get a new one straight away :(


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Nov 27, 2010
I guess it's up to the Genius that you get, but I remember that I had a dead pixel on my iPhone 4 screen once. I went to get a replacement, but they refused to give me one because they said it was "within standards." I later found out that there was dust trapped in between the glass and LCD, so because of that, I got my replacement.

My sister went in for the same thing (dead pixel), and she got a replacement no questions asked.
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