Do you like movies, music and puzzles? SWYS: The Collection HD is out now!

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    Hi guys, hope you're all well. We've just released a great title for iPad, Say What You See: The Collection HD™, which was the #1 Trivia app in the US in December. Thought you guys might like to hear a bit more about it! If you're interested in trying it, we're also giving away promo codes in this thread here.

    Say What You See: The Collection HD™ requires you to find movie titles or bands hidden within beautiful paintings. It's a puzzle game that anyone can play, young and old, and it's great for really showing off what your iPad can do.

    Each level (or iCanvas) has a different theme, with new themes released regularly. So far you can get:
    Scary Movies
    80's Movies
    Books 2 Film
    US TV Dramas

    and Romantic Comedies is due out in Thursday 3rd Feb (just in time for Valentines Day!)

    The iPad version features higher resolution canvases than the iPhone version, early access to new pictures, and some great exclusive features.

    Say What You See: The Collection HD™ features:

    • Early access only for iPad – get new iCanvases before anyone else!
    • 4 downloadable HD iCanvases available
    • iPad iCanvases are twice the resolution of iPhone/iPod iCanvases - you can actually see the texture of the boards these paintings were produced on!
    • A new free-to-play 10 puzzle iCanvas every month.
    • 40 additional new puzzles available for every iCanvas via in app purchase
    • A new iPad exclusive Artist’s Audio Commentary with every iCanvas
    • A free-to-play bonus puzzles section, updated every month.
    • Full Game Center compatibility, offering leaderboards, profile switching and unique achievements.

    And some screenshots:


    Trailer for the iPhone version

    Say What You See: The Collection HD available in the app store at $2.99/£1.79, and new iCanvases will cost $0.99 or 59p.

    Really love to hear your thoughts about it, suggestions for new topics we could do, or if you just need some help guessing some of the answers!

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