Do you love your TiBook 800?


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Aug 8, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
How would you rate it on everyday use? Final Cut? Sorenson encoding? After Effects?

Sound I spring for the 60gig drive? Anyone have the custom built TiBook?

Thanks for the feedback.


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May 14, 2002
I love mine! :D

I don't really use it for any processor-intensive applications, though.

I mainly use it for static web page design and some mp3 playing...

Almost forgot: I have the standard 800, not the custom version...


Jul 9, 2000

sorry about that, son, but i lust after the tibook and wife will never let me get it...i have no good reason

i have just as much use for a rolex with diamonds or a stealth fighter

i do email, internet, light graphics, and word processing and if i am lucky, i may be able to type 30, that needs altivec

if i got into photoshop, i mean really into it, then i could go for article i read a couple of years ago said that it is the hardest to use (and master), widely used program ever written

i have fifteen books on photoshop and i just gave away five old books on photoshop 4

when i saw tibook introduced i thought it was nice...four out of five stars

but when i actually got to try one out and saw the amzing screen real estate and speed it operated at in os 9.x, i gave it five stars in my book...simply put, tibook is most amazing laptop ever made by apple, or by anybody


Jul 9, 2000
i knew this girl, who worked at her dad's mac store for ten years and she used other people's machines the whole time

and she lusted after the ibook in the worst way but thougt $1599 was too much money so she considered getting cheap pc laptop

then one day, her dad, the owner of the mac store, simply bought her a tibook 400...just like that...first laptop for her and all

she still is amazed every time she boots up with that thing:)

also keep in mind that before tibook, ibook had a loyal cult following and ibook websites and clubs, so when the tibook was introduced, it produced an even more fanatic cult following

but nothing matches the original crt imac for cult status when it first came was a renewed mac religion around here in northern california and for a year or so, we thught we would take back the home computer market from windows


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
I thoroughly enjoy my TiBook (800MHz model). :D

I increased the memory to 768MB (from the 512 it came with) and have never had it run short on memory. It has the 40GB drive inside, with plenty of storage in external firewire drives.

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
I got the custom 667 when that was the top off the line and absolutely love it. I do FCP, 3D rendering, etc, and I can imagine it would be even better with the 800 - I don't think you'll be upset.



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Apr 10, 2002
I was debating wheter to get the 667 ti book or wait for the Powermac and I I decided of course on what I'm typing this the 667 tibook. I absolutly love it - I did get an ibook for a day and had return it because the screen was way too small for me.

I do web design and graphic design on my tibook and I get many woooowws when people see it. It's not only powerful but it's an amazing designed computer. NO other laptop comes close!


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Mar 9, 2002
Well I only have the 500 TiBook..... but I didn't want to be left out so....... :D

But I still highly rate the 500 TiBook..... so I can only imagine that the 800 one is really nice...... ;) :) :D


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May 10, 2002
I am currently on my 800 TiBook with 1GB of RAM and the 5400RPM 60GB hard drive. The speed is just perfect. I work on a dual 1Ghz g4 at my workplace, and use my personal tiBook for my personal graphic design work and video work. It's a great machine! ..

I really am glad for getting the 60GB harddrive due to the fact that it spins at 5400 instead of the 4200 on the other two drives.

I went ahead and upgraded the RAM to 1GB.

Best machine i've worked on. And the screen looks great. I just wish the battery never died... maybe a Nuclear battery of some sort.. so i never have to shut it off.

If you do decide to buy one, i'm sure you won't regret it. IT's one beautiful piece of hardware.

Can't wait to install Jaguar on this beauty. :D



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Dec 11, 2001
i have the stock 800 tibook (if you want to know how/why i got it instead of the 667 please read the link in my signature)

after having it for almost a week i have to say this is every web designer/developer's dream... this baby (affectionately named Freya) is much quieter than the tower i had before and lets me work from any client's office... plus video editing is a dream on this baby (the realtime effects in fcp are just as nice as my old 867 tower)

my only wish is for longer battery life... i hope that when apple introduces a new battery design in future tibooks that we will be able to buy the new ones... i really need more battery life for dvds :)

if you're considering buying one, go for it... i don't know if the 60 gig hard drive is really worth it since battery life will be even shorter and i will eventually use firewire drives for storing old projects... 40 gig is definitely enough for my weekly projects