Do you ride a bike? What do you think of bike racks?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iSamurai, Jul 21, 2010.

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    Hi all :)

    There's a bike rack design thing going on in my uni, so I think I should ask fellow Mac Rumours readers about parking your bikes in public places.

    So... I'd like to know what elements will make a good rack design, such as the reach height (you don't want to bend over), easy access, security, placement/locations and aesthetics and so on.

    I think most of you would be glad if there's a space available, so I'm also thinking on optimising the space to pack bikes efficiently. As an engineering student I'll be worrying about the manufacturing procedures, durability and cost, and some other required specifications and make sure the user gets what he/she wants in the end.

    Also, are there any particular bike rack designs that you HATE? Please shout out.

    Thanks a lot :)
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    Oh, you :D
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    Bike Racks

    Well. One thing that always bothers me is how difficult it is to use one lock on two bikes, say, if you are with a friend who has no lock. Unless you have a cable lock.

    If you could figure out a way to rack the bicycles standing upright, on one tire, that would be awesome too!
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    A lot of "traditional" style bike racks scuff up my fork. I don't like that.
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    Have zero faith in cable locks after a friend broke his key off in his cable lock and we had to cut it free.
    It was at the end of dinner out side of one of the dinning halls on campus. We took a hack saw and proceeded to cut threw it in under 5 mins with nothing really slowing us down.
    People walk by and one person ask and accepted our answer. Hell I want to say one of the campus police walked by and ask us what we were doing. We told him the truth and he walked on.

    Either way it took us less than 5 min to cut threw a cable lock.

    For a bike rack I am happy as long as I can easily lock my U-Lock to the rack and frame
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    If the bike rack was for a work place or a university, I say you should have to register for a special bike card. The bike rack will be a cage with places to lock your bike from the front/rear, side, and even hang your bike to save more space. You should be able to use multiple kinds of locks, heck, even have multiple lock points using a pivoted steel-frame design. Even more you can have a special cubby usable with your card only. The only people that can get in the cage are the ones who registered for a card because they themselves have a bike.

    Obviously this isn't a cheap thing, but it's an idea as more people are riding bikes.

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