Do you still buy physical media?

Do you still buy physical media? (DVD/BR)

  • YES

    Votes: 221 54.2%
  • NO

    Votes: 136 33.3%
  • STREAMING ONLY (Netflix/Prime etc)

    Votes: 51 12.5%

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Feb 13, 2012
Perth, Western Australia
Depends what it is.

Most of my nintendo switch library is physical media. Why? Because it will work without internet, and i can re-sell for almost as much as i paid for it when i get bored with the game, if i want. I can loan it to friends, etc.
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Media as a Service and Software as a Service is cancer and I will not indulge in it when it comes to buying movies, music, and so on. I mean, heck, I actually just bought a very cool cassette tape of a local band's latest EP, so that's where I'm at right now.
I wouldn't go that far, but i sure as hell won't pay the same amount for digital media as i will for physical (which is what some/most media companies are trying to do).

Digital can be convenient, easily searched, etc. and I do like it for that. But if it is something i want to keep long term, i'll aim for physical media.

Movies, for me do not fit that criteria. I don't even bother to buy a lot, i just rent and stream these days when appropriate.

I'm happy with the appleTV/AppleMusic, etc. subscription model where i get full access to the library for $x/month. I think that is very much NOT cancer. However owning stuff i can't at least download and store offline is unattractive.


Oct 5, 2017
If you don't use a methodology that eliminates placebo effects and level differences, you don't know if there is a real "night and day" difference or if your mind is playing tricks on you. From my experience most people who proclaim to hear huge differences don't really know what compression artifacts sound like.
What music did you use on your blind test (genre and quality) what hardware did you use in your blind test, how many people participated in the blind test?

All this factor in, also just because someone can hear the difference does not make them better or people who don't worse, it's just that some can hear the difference in quality.

So I do not really understand people who do not hear the difference get so defensive and pretend others cannot either.

Listen to what you enjoy, and if for you it's not hearable, don't stress about it.

Personally, I hear the difference and quite a lot, in some recording and kind of music better than in others, in other recordings the difference is not noticeable and for that reason, I use the high-quality dap when needed, when I am hearing the latest pop song in today's chart, the phone + Bluetooth is more than enough!

I know what I hear, there's no "mind trick" with the right equipment/music.

There's a difference in hearing the music and listening to music, and it is more than equipment, it is also your attitude towards music, and how you are gonna enjoy it, as said before background noise, the time you dedicate to it and so forth so on.


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Mar 24, 2017
For movies, I only buy DVDs. For music its a mix of MP3 and CDs, the mp3 has to be drm free. For games I have no choice but to buy digital, but most of them are from GOG which are drm free.


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Jun 18, 2007
I find it comical that people worry about it being against the law to rip a disc. For God sake people, when you see the damage that the Governments are doing to the environment, the world, climate change and destroying each other like at present, ripping a disc for ones enjoyment seems rather mind. Do you all agree on this?
That's the thing about governments. They DON'T CARE if "they" broke the law or the "state" or "government" broke the law. That won't stop them from screwing YOU over. Unfortunately, not all countries have reliable police either, let alone reliable or fair laws. My point is you take your chances. I'm not passing judgment on whether it's "morally right or wrong" here. The FBI warnings seem like dull threats, yes, but I believe if they were after you for some other reason, they'd sure as hell get you one whatever they could get you on. Look at Al Capone. They couldn't prove the real crimes he committed so they got him on tax evasion! Prison is prison. Do you feel better there because you're there for "another reason"? Shower time still probably won't be much fun....well maybe. ;)

My advice... be confident and listen to yourself - do what makes you happy - there'll always be people that try to prevent you from doing things but that's because they usually have sad and very dull lives!
Be confident in breaking the law! :rolleyes:

Your comments a really only valid for a few die hard AV enthusiasts. Very few people own 150" screens.
Well, I own a 92" screen and sit 9 feet away. I don't find iTunes objectionable, but I won't pretend it's the equivalent of a 4K UHD disc. And I've seen far too many programs/web sites/whatever disappear to think, "Hey, Apple will be here forever and never get rid of my iTunes movies" (or Vudu or whatever one might use). Ultraviolet was supported by major studios. It's GONE. They could have not transferred certain studio movies and you'd lose them. Tough.

Please remember that the Movies Anywhere is for the USA only. The USA is a country in 1 of 200 - that's 0.5% of the world!

If you love your old discs great. Buy what makes you happy. I personally detest discs (having had to use them for two evenings when I was without my Mac & Apple TV) and never want to go back to such an old fashioned product that deserves to remain in the 20th century.
My god.... It's not about "old fashioned" for goodness sake. It's about HARD COPY! I don't watch my movies off disc hardly ever! I rip them myself and stick 'em on giant server hard drives to stream around the house. It uses no Internet data (local network). The government can't spy on what I'm doing that way (certainly Apple knows your viewing habits, if no one else) and for the whopping 20 seconds it takes for me to stick a disc in the drive and hit rip (I don't have to sit there while it rips!), I get the best of both worlds with or without a "digital copy!"

I can also do things you cannot do with streaming copies. I can take an Atmos soundtrack off a 2K or 4K disc and remux it onto the 3D version that only has 5.1 sound and play that off a hard drive as well! My 3D copy now has Atmos sound! I can take a 4K only DTS:X track and make it work with the 2K video and have DTS:X without needing a 4K projector. You can't even get DTS:X right now with streaming and most DTS:X movies are NOT in Atmos on iTunes as they have a deal with DTS for exclusive release for now! I even have 3D movies where I can pick from Atmos or Auro-3D on the same FILE due to remuxing. You can't even store a 4K copy off iTunes! If they remove it, you have NOTHING.


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Jan 11, 2006
Round Lake, IL
1,049 Blu-rays and counting. Just starting to get into buying UHD with 42 so far. When I transitioned to Blu-ray I whittled my DVD collection down to 145. I even have a handful of VHS movies still, due to them not having DVD/Blu-ray releases. I forget how large my iTunes movie collection was before going back to physical, it was over 300 IIRC. With free digital copies being included with most physical releases I've had no reason to buy digital anymore. I do appreciate having the digital copies though, over Christmas I traveled on Amtrak to visit my folks (3 days on the California Zephyr) and it was incredibly convenient being able to open the Amazon Video app on a cheap Fire tablet to download movies with 2 quick taps of the finger. To play physical backups on-the-go with that tablet I've got to use Handbrake to compress them and transfer them to a memory card before leaving, not nearly as convenient. That's something I should look into to see if Plex or Infuse have added the ability to download for offline viewing, I've got Plex Server running at home, so I'm already set on that end.


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Nov 8, 2011
Not all movies etc are available online so buy those, rip and add to iTunes.
Currently ripping some classic film noir movies that not seen on iTunes, Netflix etc.
Yep, that’s me as well. Lots of old film noir, action, comedies, etc. aren’t available to stream (e.g. The More The Merrier, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, The Best Years of Our Lives, Detour, Out of the Past, et. al.), so I’ve purchased these and others as physical discs and ripped ‘em to my NAS running Plex. For more “contemporary” fare I purchase discount codes for iTunes or Movies Anywhere and download ‘em to iTunes. Over the years I’ve accumulated around 1000 movies and TV shows in this manner, and it’s great to be able to watch what I want, when I want, on whatever device I want.
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